Let such a world burned, be destroyed

Tayyip is trying so hard, he is trying to keep the system afloat that is called the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey which is a mystery what it really is.

They have no money left to pour into the magicians, mediums. Also the magicians and the mediums have hit the bottom. They are still keep dying.

Bohçalı and the gangs around him are trying to find a way to support Russia which have been ravaged in the face of Istanbul. They are still surprised by what happened. There is almost no Russia left. Russia is just a signboard now and I will disintegrate those lands, soon.

I will gain freedom for those nations that are under the occupation of the dajjal through the Russians.

Russia and Ukraine are not fighting against each other but against Istanbul. It was planned from the beginning that the bombardments will increase when the air temperature decreases and that more Ukrainians will flee to the black moneyer European countries.

Those who flee have no life and property security. The German authorities have not done their part to find the two thousand refugee children who disappeared. The remains of the children have been found in the gardens of the churchs in Canada and the world is unresponsive. The countries connected to the Ankebut Cult haven’t applied the requirements of law and they are continue to do the same satanic rituals, the same black money businesses from the background.

The children who their remains have been found in the gardens of the churchs in Canada were raped, tortured to death in the satanic rituals, they were sacrificed for the iblees…

Every inch of a world like this should burn, break down now…

Abdullah Gül who is a secret Armenian, secret terrorist, traitor, secret fraud and the pawn of the
colonialist powers still continue to do his dirty business and betrayals. He is receiving instructions from Rishi Sunak who is a gypsy and descended from Pharaoh.

Abdullah Gül pulls the strings of the gang of six, to a great extent.

Soner Yalçın who is a secret Armenian traitor, terrorist and an agent of the National Intelligence Organization continues to his activities. He reports here and there. The National Intelligence Organization is protecting Soner.

Semih Yalçın who is a secret Armenian traitor and terrorist also a pawn of the National Intelligence Organization… Semih also involved every dirty business. The shipments of the current terror organizations under their command have been made without problem also through Semih. Semih is also one of those who manage the field on the black money business that they are doing with the terrorists.

Hakan Fidan, Hulusi Akar or Ibrahim Kalın and the secret Armenians like them are in charge of the current terror organizations on our borders who work for the USA and for the black money business through them.

There are people who say openly to Tayyip, ”we will remove you from power if you disturb Greece”.

It has grave consequences for our entire country to being run by a pawn. Everyone threatens our country and the threats, blackmails, black money relations are guiding the decisions of the country.

Greece is like the private Cargo Company of black money… It is delivering to the address. Makes its living by being an intermediary for the people/companies and governments because it has not a system/order like a real country. Therefore, everything is like a game for Greece. They don’t act seriously about anything.

They call Tayyip directly when they see the publications about them. They complain a little and then hang up. We are the common enemy of them, the muslim Turkish nation and the other muslim nations around the world…

One of those who cause trouble about the South Azerbaijan issue is Bohçalı, also. The real Turks who have united, strengthened and have overcome all their problems is like a nightmare for him. But on the other hand, he wants to have influence in that region. He knows that the region is the transit point of the black money business and is very valuable.

He is unoficially directing his gangs to the region with this point of view.

Ilham Aliyev who have Armenian lineage is trying so hard to keep Putin alive and in power…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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