Those who remain silent are dumb demons

More than two thousand unaccompanied children who entered Germany as refugee and registered, and never heard of again must be found immediately

This should become an international issue. It should be a subject of the United Nations and the European Union. It must be revealed what happened to those innocent and poor children in Germany which is one of the countries where the highest number of satanists and pedophiles live in, compared to the general population in the world.

It must be revealed whether they are dead or alive as soon as possible. It must be uncovered how they died if they are died and if they are alive what conditions they live under, where the children are. The investigation should go all the way to the satanist ritualists, pedophiles and prostitution mafias.

According to the course of the investigation, the German government officials should be tried in an international court, if required.

It is impossible for more than two thousand children to disappear without various crimes and criminals being involved. The German officials must find who the criminals are, if they are innocent. Moreover, the number is far more than two thousand.

A big and dire scandal that should instantly shake the world cannot be ignored with a brief report. No one in this world has this right and it is everyone’s responsibility to find these children or call the officials to account.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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