Atmosphere is extremely tense

Both the USA and Russia are in very bad conditions. Both of them are finished actually. They are deadlocked, dropped from the game. They cannot believe what has happened. They also don’t want to show their real condition but they know that they cannot hide it anymore.

They are getting angry, they might make decisions, make moves without considering the consequences. Those in the field must be aware of the situation. Our fingers will be on the trigger everywhere. We will make moves ahead, if they are close to do a crazy thing on some issues.

We will not stand back on anything. We will not change our stance, even if the whole world will burn and destroy.

China, England, Europe, Iran, Japan, the South Korea and those who appear as Arabians are in very bad conditions, either. We will continue to lead the world to a deadlock, to destroy the Ankebut Cult countries simultaneously.

We will destroy everyone who want to save the Ankara government. We will destroy everyone who try to stand against the declared objectives of us.

It is certain that we have changed the world already. Our victory is certain. It is certain that we will truly liberate our country. But, we will never become complacent.

There are those who do wrong among the men of the USA/NATO gangs, also among the Russians and Israelis. We will follow them like a shadow. We will not hesitate to gift them bullets on behalf of the Turkish nation, when necessary. Every American, Russian, European, Asian, Middle Eastern who interfere with the freedom, political system, judicial system, army and security system of Turkey deserves the bullet gift. We will be careful with the so-called ambassadors.

This country is not anyone’s colony. Everyone should know their limits or they will be treated as required.

As of now, The USA in appearance, but England-based world system in reality has collapsed. They are just desperately trying to hide these truths from humanity and they don’t even know what to do.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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