We are against Russia and India

If an armed conflict break out between Indian and Chinese armed forces… We will support the Chinese army in many ways on condition that it will be limited to the Indian region. We will take India against us openly and we’ll do everything we can within legal boundaries to disintegrate and destroy it. We will never act outside the law of war and will never harm innocent civilians. We will destroy the criminal civilians.

I am uncomfortable, very uncomfortable that Russia is sending its military forces here and there under the name of ”peace keepers” and that the world and especially the related region’s people have not reacted to this nonsense and unlawfulness.

Collective Security Treaty Organization and Shanghai Cooperation Organization have gone rubbish in practice, only exist on paper, these days… Russia’s so-called peace keeper forces must be withdrawn from everywhere. Russia has nothing to do in Syria and the lands of Azerbaijan which is under occupation. The Russian bear must be send to the very north and the fronts shouldn’t hesitate to hunt down the wounded Russian bear that is about to kneel and to take the opportunities.

I’m writing openly and repeatedly. We will enter into a real war with Russia at the first opportunity and we will give the punishment to them for what they did recently.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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