I told it from the beginning

I have repeatedly said that if anyone attempts to do wrong things, if anyone clash with me unnecessarily, despite all my warnings, then I will stand against them, I’ll be in the field and destroy the parties who are doing works against me.

From now on, we will solve the Russia/Ukraine crisis. We will update our decisions and attitude accordingly. There is no country called Ukraine in reality. Ukraine is one of the artificial countries of the Ankebut Cult… Russia is also our enemy as a state/system. We are not enemies of the whole Russian nation. We will never cause any material and moral damage to the groups who will act with us among from the Russian people. We will protect the civilians and the innocents, as usual.

From now on, every parties on Earth should know that Crimea and its surroundings are Turkey’s national issue. These lands are the ancient lands of the Turkish nation and the former lands of the current Turkish state. Turkey will make concrete moves in the field one after another to save its lands under the Russian occupation in question as soon as possible. Istanbul will determine all of this to the last detail, relocate and manage. The direct and only interlocutor for the people in question on those lands is neither Russia nor Ukraine, it is Turkey. We doesn’t need to have a land border to include Crimea quickly into our lands.

I’ve informed all the parties from the beginning on these matters and if they want to stand against me, that’s their choice. Those who stand with me will get stronger day by day. The western/NATO gang may choose to stand against me but they will definitely take very crushing, finishing blows one after the other in a short time.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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