We’ll make operation in Syria urgently

We will break the siege around us immediately. We will carry out a comprehensive and urgent operation. We will enter the land with great forces. We won’t enter into a military conflict with Asad’s forces, but we will destroy everyone except them. We will destroy Russia, the elements of the USA that are colluding with Russia, and every terror organization who work for them. Especially, we will destroy the so-called islamic organizations initially.

We will move into the North Iraq and the South Azerbaijan from there. We will end all the collusion in those countries. We will solve the problems that are bring Turkey down fundamentally. We will take the spoils we deserve in every move we’ll make. We will find solutions quickly to the financial problems in our country.

Then we will move southward and destroy Armenia which is a Russian pawn. I’ve promised, will wipe such a tool country off the map. I’ve sworn, I won’t take the revenge of the turkish people who they killed in Kazakhstan with only metaphysics. There will be people I will hang in the public places.

And then, we will include Chechnya, Circassia, Balkaria and the other countries within the borders of Turkey. In the next phase, we will save Crimea from the Russian occupation. All of this take two months at the most. It probably won’t even take that long. There is no state authority/domination in those countries. This is the root of our problems. We have carried the burden of the stateless masses because of them and they still want us to carry the burden.

The Russians, the Americans and even the whole NATO countries have no soldier, army, equipment, gas, diesel fuel, replacement parts, money, people, cause/ideology, national unity and solidarity to respond us. It will only takes me one and a half day to arouse the people in those countries. They have been making statements in collusion for weeks, even months to hide the shocking truth and how exhausted they are. They are supposedly in war, imposing sanctions, setting up negotiating tables. They are actually playing a game against humanity. Even their cities under the ground are ruined. There is no obstacles in our way. Moreover, if some of them could stand up against us, we will bring them down with metaphysics. A heavy burden will not fall on our army.

All the elements in Turkey, all the governments, the internal groups, big holdings, all the parties that are acting with me around the world must be prepared for the extraordinary circumstances immediately. We have already been fed up with, there is no turning back from here.

I will never allow to bloodshed of the Turkish people. Even if, I have to set out with my army and destroy the London pawns, and then the bionic robots known as the royal family…

Istanbul is here… Those who say ”he cannot” should stand up immediately.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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