Let them find another homeland

I’m not going to repeat what I have written. All the political or military officials who entered Syria and brought/sent our soldiers to Syria by the order of Tayyip and his gang, all the tratiors in the media, press and social media who will aid and abet to this, should find another country for themselves. They may be alive this morning, but they might be dead by tomorrow morning.

It is a sin to breath for those who send our army for a real comprehensive operation from land by taking orders/receiving instructions from the ambassadors of USA, England, Israel, the other countries, or those who are aiding and abetting them, in this country. It is also a sin to breath for the so-called messengers, ambassadors in this country. Even if, not just the country, the world will turn upside down, even if the third world war will break out, our army will not enter Syria by the order of the Turkish/Islam enemies and AKPKK that is a pawn of them. The west will collapse, Israel will collapse. Our army will not enter Syria under the pretext of the tratiors in collusion in Turkey and the terrorists around. They will not expand their black money channels. If one more rocket will fall in Turkey, if there will be one more terrorist attack, our responses will be harsh within the borders of the countries in question.

No one will sleep, until the internal enemies goes into the grave and until Turkey is truly free… Bosphorus Bridges and golden horn bridge will be taken under special protection, immediately. No matter who they are or what authority they have, everyone who shoot the people, will be shot. The carcasses of the tratiors and the terrorists who were killed will be thrown in front of the diplomatic representative offices or into their gardens. The images will be spread around the world. It will be announced to the world who they really are, what they really do. Every authorized traitor will be shot in every necessary situation. If anybody has any objections or response, they should come to my place to find me. The judges, the prosecutors and also the law enforcement supervisors who obey the orders of the traitor Ankara government, even under these circumstances, will be executed from the beginning. We are standing up with our nation and our army…

Our holy war mubarak…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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