A world without war is impossible

There is either oppression, act of unjust violence or there is punishment with justice in legitimate conditions for those who deserve it. Besides, wars are made to punish those who deserve punishment. When large numbers of people became dehumanized, when they turned into harmful creatures/devils for the neighboring communities/states, for the world humanity and especially for their close ones/relatives/neighbors, it is a matter of law, humanity, conscience to kill them all. Not everyone who is born human can stay human. Like the forensics say, there is a monster sleeps inside of every human beings. And throughout the history, those who followed the monster inside of them is much more than the number of those who didn’t.

Without the armies/parties to protect the babies, children, women, the elders, innocent civilians, even the animals and the plants from the evil people in question, the world turns into a world filled with devilry, evil, tear, oppression, torture, rape, suicides, diseases, robbery, infamy, as it is in our time. Wars are one of the biggest blessings for humanity. No one who is truly evolved, who have educated himself, who understands the life and the human beings can oppose the wars. Those who are against the wars and want the evil parties to come out of the wars with the least damage, even though they are oppose the wars are always the satanist… Because the satan/iblees is leading them to a struggle like this. The iblees and his gang are trying so hard to demonize the people, using many techniques and setting up various games to make sure nothing bad happens to the communities that they demonized like themselves. They are playing deceptive games. Those who are against the wars and defend made-up criterias called ”disproportionate force”, should be investigated if they are brainwashed or are anti-human satanists who consciously work for iblees and the Ankebut Cult.

Those of us who remained human must be aware of these games, we must be locked on the goal of destroying all the evil people as soon as possible with the least damage. Therefore, we should not be deceived by the nonsense called ”disproportionate force”. Those who struggle day and night, who are united, who develop technology against the enemy, who have training, who prepare themselves by economizing, instead of living a luxurious life, will be the sides who destroy the enemy on the battlefield. Might there be more accurate understanding of law/justice than this? It is justice that those who work and struggle will win and receive the rewards of their hard work.

Even though the technology/means/vehicles, units, power has found to make the enemy powerless and destroy all of them, will they prevent it from being used against the masses who became monsters, who can cause great damages in the material and religious fields at any moment, who have no chance of turning into human, instead of using it as soon as possible? How can they talk about humanity, consciousness, truth, law, justice, goodness, modernity, evolution, being a civilized human, when they are preventing it? This is devilry… Only the iblees and those who consciously follow the iblees can do all that evil.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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