Leave them to their own devices and fate

I’m tired of telling and repeating it. But they’re still waiting to hear what I’ll say. Leave Tayyip, Putin and the ones who still follow them on their own. Leave their projects which will never happen on it’s own. Stay away. Even though I’ve set up the world balances, even though I pushed them to do the things that seem like they’re about to do now, they haven’t done. If they would take one step, everything would be so different from years ago, we would have come to these days in very different conditions, but they didn’t. They still don’t do it the way I want, actually they do the opposite. They can’t be blind and deaf to Istanbul anymore like they used to. The era of staying silent to pass it off is already over. They’re already cornered because of the wind blowing by Istanbul at the same time around the world, there is no space for movement left, the Istanbul train has already gone. They’re trying to play simple games out of desperation and weakness with their little brains. He’s fooling both himself and a bunch of idiots. No sensible person is fooled by the games they’re playing.

Akkuyu NGS has already gone rubbish and the construction has stop. They’re struggling and wasting time in vain and that project will be rubbish or it will turn into the projects that I’ve told. If that happens, Tayyip and Putin will not be the ones who make it. Clean energy will be generated, clean water and agricultural crops will be produced without using nucleer energy in there. It’s never too late to mend. Don’t be fooled by Putin’s unrealistic explanations on this matter. And everybody should be sure about that Akkuyu NGS is a rubbish project.

They can still talk about the Kanal Istanbul. The words have ended, there is no need to say something. It’s not possible for us to stooped down to their level. Actually both Tayyip and Putin has already overthrown, they are openly trying to delay the overthrow of them. They’re trying to keep each other in power. There won’t be a Putin in a short time. Many promises, no action. Although there are somethings they want to put into action, but these are useless to anyone. There are many traps, games in their background. It is obvious what work to do with these two: Destroy agriculture, health, morality, virtue, peace, family concept, environment, the religion. Smuggle anything especially people, organ, drug, weapons… Being mafia bosses, take over companies, exploit countries… Send the military elements of the two army to different countries for this purpose… To do any inhuman work by using the armies and the official institutions and the instruments of the states… These two know and understand these kind of works.

Why would Turkey be the gas distribution center of Russia? I said ‘I will make Turkey the energy center’. I didn’t say ‘I will make Turkey the gas distribution center of Russia. I didn’t say set up games within a game after. They said ‘they’ll make Turkey the energy center and they will bring Trakya forward’. It’s not like that. Turkey will be a country that evaluates all it’s underground and surface wealth in the best way very soon. Major projects will be started simultaneously. While doing all these, Turkey’ and the turkish people’s interests will be put first. All these will not be done for Russia, the western world, China, England, Israel, Jews, Satanists, aliens, the pope. Like many other regions in Turkey, Trakya will come forward at this time. These two who betrays their own nation want to do dirty works from the background.

Actually both of them are bionic robots. I’m not telling it but many people knows. There have been big balance changes among alien species on earth. there are those some of them has changed their perspective, their decisions and their groups. It’s affecting the flow on the political, military, financial and religious fields of the people on earth.

It’s so easy for the humanity on earth to make a living, to feed themselves from the weather and the water on the perfect planet of ours. There is neither global warming,

nor carbon crisis, nor the climate change, nor drought and famine and nor energy crisis in the world right now. All of them are the games, the plans of the alien parties. And the plans of the current Jewish/Satanist groups who worship them. Some people understand that the projects, ideas to resolve the so-called dire crises actually the artificial crises were shared recently. The major plans of those who are trying to dominate our world for a very long time has collapsed. They won’t be able to deceive and exploit people, to fool people with collusion and won’t be able to throw people into artificial crises anymore. They are trying to prevent Turkey to use it’s sources for itself to stand up by collusions or showing deceptive behaviors, in the largest context from the past to today, with the influence of their decisions at a time like this. They exactly know that when Turkey stand up, it will make the whole humanity stand up.

Turkey shouldn’t waste time, shouldn’t be deceived by turning it’s face to new imaginary projects. Turkey should immediately look for ways to get oil, gas and the other underground wealths out from Trakya, southeast, Aegean, Mediterranean and everywhere. ‘The clean projects’ that I gave it’s idea should be looked into. Turkey doesn’t need other’s engineers or vehicle/machine resources to do all these as soon as possible. We can produce whatever we need. If there are those who claim that they are having difficulties on these issues, and that they can’t find enough engineers, devices, vehicles, I can use my contacts. We just want Turkey to be a truly free, independent country and stand on it’s own. This exploitation must end. We are like Africa. They have prevented us from taking advantage of the wealth, energy, power, sustenance that we have beneath our feet. And now, the elements of power behind these two setting up games to mislead us for this purpose.

We don’t need to buy gas, oil, agricultural products, vehicle, machine, software etc. from anyone. We need to get out of these despicable games, traps immediately. That’s why I said ‘The end’ and it’s over. The Ankara government who still looks for ways to steal the state’s resources and looks for ways to keep other states alive with our state’s resources when people are crying out because of the hunger, lawlessness, prohibitions, cencors, repression, unfairness… Who still hasn’t expelled over 13 million freeloaders and trys to turn the so-called refugees into cash in various ways with the other elements of the London-based system… Who still trys to transform the Greece crisis into what London wants it to be… Who never have any problems with Aliyev, the London’s dog on a leash and gives an images of friendship with him out of spite… Who still stays blind, deaf, mute to the struggle for freedom and human rights of the south Azerbaijan… Who still allows countless of robberies, scams, treasons, harassments, rapes, mafia businesses, prostution, banditry, lawlessness, dishonesty, the mess, the devilry to continue… Who thinks that it can buy time with a few words and a few fraudulent projects… I’ve said it. I will cut the hands off of those who offer a hand to the Ankara government to prevent it’s overthrow. I will cut the tongues off of those who will support them by speaking. I will even gauge the eyes out of those who will support them by looking at them. Even if the whole world will burn down, crumble, they will not be able to sustain the Ankara goverment anymore. The Ankebut cult doesn’t have the power, money, staffs to arrange after Tayyip. Moreover, people know that I’m tearing down not only the surface but the cities, the systems under the ground to blow the final strikes to the Ankara government. Because there is no one left who can stand against me on the ground.

Those who want to waste time should follow those who are broke now. Let them lose time and money. I will not constantly warn them by writing as they continue to make similar moves. I’m on my way, I’m walking towards my goals, decisively. I’ve wrote it repeatedly.

Istanbul is the center of everything good, victory, salvation, protection justice, peace. Reasonable ones shouldn’t waste time with artificial centers and with the pawns in the field. And they need to put their hands under the stone openly.

The south Azerbaijan is coming, there is very little time left. Iraq is coming, there is very little time left. Syria is coming, there is very little time left. All these lands will unite under one roof, in one center. People ewerywhere will be relieved materially and morally. The Ankebut cult won’t be able to stop this. The system called Russian Federation continue to collude, to worship the alien species. Soon, we will disrupt their games and save the peoples around there. Everyone sees, hears that the Turkic world is coming. Africa is coming, Asia is coming. Soon China, Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada and others will come to Istanbul but they will not be accepted.

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