Let me say it from the beginning

-The NATO/Israel/Zelenski side can commit brutal civilian massacres and they can put the blame on Russia.

-England will be much worse in a short time. England will be extremely dangerous not just for the capital owners, but for the medium-sized businessmen. Major public movements/demonstrations will take place in England, very soon. There is a variety of possibilities but there could be no kingdom left after the public movements. All the members of the royal family can be killed. Britain (the United Kingdom) can be disintegrated. The British Commonwealth of Nations can disappear in the dark pages of history in this process. The countries that are exploited, oppressed, slaughtered by the England/London-based world order can gain their freedom one after another, simultaneously. The USA which is an undeclared colony and a pawn/tool of the United Kingdom can be disintegrated. The whole process can be very bloody and very painful around the world but in all probability, this will end well for humanity.

I will have the United Kingdom’s navy destroyed. I will have the naval elements of the various countries that are the colonies/tools of the United Kingdom in the Black sea, Marmara sea, the Aegean sea and the Mediterranean sea destroyed, from this day on. I will have all the elements in our ports, in the seas around us (including the ones in international waters) within the scope of NATO destroyed. And by the naval elements, I mean the submarines, the aircraft carriers, the planes and the helicopters on them, the other warships, the minelaying submarines, all military personnel on the naval surface ships and submarines. I will not hesitate very high number of casualties happen. In fact, this will be my goal. I will not leave anyone alive in the USA and NATO bases within the borders of Turkey. I’m starting to have the crypto-identified tratiors in TSK purged rapidly. I will show the whole world the disastrous fates of those who stands in my way, despite all my warnings. In the meantime, from all the communication devices and systems to the satellites will be targeted. I will have the aircraft carriers and the submarines that use nuclear fuel destroyed in the first place. I’m tired of the western world’s exploitation, robbery, deception, immorality, sexual and religious perversion, massacres, arrogance, satanism, smuggling of people, rituals where people are being slaughtered, every kind of devilry. A Turkey like this shouldn’t be exist, it should be burn and destroyed. If it’s not, then it should burn and destroy all the evil parties. Let the flood happen right now, let London and it’s tools fall, Istanbul stands strong where it is, it will be. The time is very near…

-I will have all the power plants, military and administrative buildings /facilities of the countries who are at London’s beck and call, all the people over there (not the civillians and innocents) destroyed. The planes of their armies will be unable to fly. Their everything will break down, from their satellite communications systems, to the computers.

-I will destroy every building, car, device and equipment used for people and organ smuggling.

  • If the Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani who is the London’s tool comes to Turkey again, very big events may occur this time. Both this sadistic murderer tool and his tools who are the so-called Qatari authorities, and the turkish authorities who bring them to our country, despite all the reactions may get shot. The institutions of Turkey, even the palaces may be raided. They may be crushed under the people’s and my army’s feet who stands with their people. Turkey may suddenly turn into Iran. The whole world can be broadcast live what will happen. The so-called embassies and the consulates of the western countries that are the other parts of the same system in Turkey may be raided. All the official and private activities of the western countries in Turkey may be disrupted. I’m extremely serious on this issue and warning you from the beginning.

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