Paper tigers

The invasion attempt of Istanbul by England, USA, Israel, Greece and the other allies couldn’t have for the last 20 years was expected to begin from air and sea. It’s unclear if they attempted or not but contrary to what is presumed, the process began with metaphysic conflicts. Even though It was not reported in the news, the USA, and it’s allies and pawns were shocked by the metaphysic storms blowing upon them from Istanbul from the very beginning. Those who consider to make metal storm was caught in a metaphysical storm and turned into a lump of metal and flesh.

Istanbul once again showed that it can close any regions it wants to air, land and sea traffic. Istanbul once again showed that it can kill thousands of soldiers or it can seriously wound them without firing a single shot and in a very short time.

As I’ve said before, our army can crush the military elements of the states in alliance with the support of Istanbul if they send them towards us. The only problem is the crypto and mason officers who betray Turkey in the organized way with the Ankara government. They will be out of the game rapidly.

AKPKK/Tayyip is working for the London-based system on the Cyprus issue. He follows their orders. They want to make noise on the Cyprus issue that they couldn’t make on the Aegan issue. They want to prevent Istanbul’s attempt to open up to the Turkic world with collusions and betrayals. Tayyip and his gang give the messages of ‘we have gone mad, crush us, crush us under the foot’.

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