We will cut them

An Azerbeijan who obeys every order of London and being a pawn in every project of London threatens Turkey’s national security. Yes, now Azerbeijan has become a threat for Turkey and the threat level is rising.

The so-called Turkish people and the army of Azerbeijan who are Russians, Shiites, Jews, westernized, stateless and irreligious in practice haven’t done their part by now. They didn’t crush the heads of their state under their feet. They can’t do this anymore. We will also be the sharp sword of the justice on this issue. We will prevent them from trying to run around in the region through Azerbeijan with harsh interventions.

We will not allow the London-based plans to throw the region into a ring of fire and turn the whole region into a bloodbath move forward. For this purpose, we will cut off the arm with gangrene without mercy. With this occasion, the world will be saved from the black money swamp which is called Azerbeijan, the center of oppression, evil, torture and the center of evil on an advanced level that can be called the second Israel.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


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