Istanbul will not be an obstacle

I do not address the Russian government who is under the command of London but I’ve got something to say to the Russian army.

The current political cadres in Moscow has acted within the boundaries drawn by London on the Russia/Ukraine issue until today. A military activity in Russia’s interest never took place. Moscow’s purpose was to make more money for the London-based system to keep Russia in the boundaries/line drawn by London-based system during these collusions. As Russia lost it’s power and reputation, Moscow never cared about it. And that’s why Moscow didn’t care when I offered Russia the opportunities.

We damaged the both side’s military elements in the Russia-Ukraine crisis because we knew that from the beginning. Some knows that we caused great losses of life, property and vehicles. Because the military elements in question has already crossed the military/warfare boundaries from the beginning. They were the wretches who smuggling people, organ and valuables like bandits. We have made interventions for the benefit of humanity in the theater of bloody collusion playing with the instructions of London. This was also in Russia’s interest even though it seems like it’s the opposite at first sight. I’ll keep this issue short. All the parties around the world are aware of everything now.

Now, the Russian army should know that if they will act like a real army, if they will really attack Ukraine, Istanbul obstacle will not stand in their way. Istanbul will not stand in their way neither on the metaphysical field nor the real field nor the political and financial balances field mostly.

Also, it should be known that we will prevent the military interventions of the colonial west to exploit the east.

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