24 September is not the end of the world… It is the end of the world’s current order and the current system of the London-based Ankebut Cult…

This is what the jewish people call ‘Jubilee/Jewbilee’ … It is all over here. I have said in my recent posts that ‘they are all over here’. They are over in every field.

Now, they are fooling the base of the Ankebut Cult with phrases like ‘those who established the system will disintigrate the system with their own hands and establish it again’. That is not happening and will not be. Istanbul has disintegrated the system, not the top-level names in the Ankebut Cult. They are trying to keep the system alive against Istanbul and everybody sees it. Istanbul is establishing the new system, not the top-level names in the Ankebut Cult, in fact, it can be said it is already established. Everybody sees it, either.

Yes, before Mfs showed up, the top-level names in the Ankebut Cult had a reset plan but even in those circumstances, it was not the plan to destroy the world order/system under their control and then establish it again.

According to their calculations, they were going to take complete control of the world after 2030 and make the world into one state. They have signaled their intention for decades and they have prepared it’s infrastructure in this direction. They announced many projects that they hide their true faces and they’ve implemented them. It was not their own system that they were going to destroy and establish it again, it was the opposing systems. They have designed everything accordingly, from what they call The Greater Middle East Project (BOP-GMEP) to Tayyip who they use as a simple pawn and his gang. It’s too long to explain, the character of Elon Musk and the companies controlled through him was planned accordingly. In fact, Metaverse is a system had been planned for this.

We knew Metaverse will be released, announced years ago, we were talking about it. We called it ‘The Iblees’s system to claim his divinity’. We were talking about that he set up games in the previous technology ages, like he does in this age and he’s taking advantage of his past experiences. What was the plan, what would have happened, and look what happened.

The Ankebut Cult, the Iblees’ system and Dajjal’s system has being destroyed. The jinn realm including the earthlings and the aliens and the alliance of the Iblees and the dajjal with all their experience… Even though they had the very high technology and also the jinn, magic, metaphysic cards, this entire alliance couldn’t even pass the İstanbul barrier. It should be told with audio recording for hours but it’s not the right time and it’s not a subject that everyone of all levels could understand. When the time comes, when it can be understood, I will tell gradually with audio recording or in writing.

Do not trust the Kabbalist, the magician human demons who sold their souls to Iblees, who trampled on everything that’s good and right. Today is the day of the new world order is established concretely… The day of the old world order collapsed definitely and concretely… The day of the Iblees and the real dajjal are devastated.

The Simpson crew who uses metaphysical techniques for decades have seen the right thing, but they couldn’t have interpret it correctly. Just like Mayans… Like the mediums who are working for the current country leaders and the bosses of the big companies. Seeing is not enough, it requires good intention, honesty, knowledge, experience, reasoning ability, foresight and consultation to interpret correctly.

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