It’s time to be very careful.

Keep your gold in your hand. Don’t be fooled by the drop in gold. The field is artificially adjusted so those who do not know what is going on can sell the gold and get it out of their hands. They want to collect gold. The Europe/Euro crisis I have informed you about is also very close, but please do not worry about this. Despite everything, the Euro can recover a little after a massive depreciation in a short time. However, the fact must be accepted in advance that the dollar cannot and will not recover at the expected level. In a short time, Turkey will be the world’s most reliable port, and the world’s most valuable/reliable currency will be the Turkish lira. More attention should be paid to cheating in gold purchases. Whether the gold purchased is at its actual value or other metals have been added to it is now a matter to be much more careful. Even the most trusted places will do all sorts of tricks every chance. They will hurt those whose eyes are not open.

For a while, Turkey has been filled with fake dollars printed by Tayyip; from now on, it is necessary to be very careful with fake gold. The situation in Europe, the USA, Russia, and China is the same, and in the last period, they have minted huge amounts of unrequited money. In this way, they postponed significant crises. It seems that Mfs was not justified… Now the problems will explode even more violently; they will not be able to prevent them. Under these conditions, cheating on gold is something they will never avoid. Getting used to the constant news of crime, suicide, and suspicious death is necessary. They will not hesitate to spend money on critically positioned bosses and big companies, from which they can steal money.

Don’t let sudden short-term changes deceive anyone; gold is a safe haven…

| Mfs – Ground-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

Urgent public announcement about chickpea

Public service announcements should be published in Turkey about why chickpea should not be eaten by people as soon as possible and it should be explained in colloquial language.

Chickpea is a plant that has been grown, cultivated for thousands of years in Anatolia and it is presumed that it spread from Anatolia to various regions around the world. In past centuries, even thousands of years ago, most of the people did not eat chickpea. They used to feed their animals with chickpea, just like oat…

Chickpea is actually a wild plant specie that is suitable food for animals. It has a very different, poisonous structure. Chickpeas soak in water to release of the said poison, not to make them soften and the water is not used for cooking, it is poured. This process slightly reduces it’s poison. But it doesn’t remove the poison completely.

Not without reason, people experience bloating, become deeply thoughtful, become very calm and numb after eating chickpea. Especially the children’s mood who eat chickpeas is not normal. Especially the children’s mood is not normal after eating chikpea. Fake science psychiatry, probably does not know or ignore this scientific truth and has diagnosed very high numbers of children with tens of different diseases, it ruins the childrens lives at a young age. The background of behavioral disorders seen in people and more in children, related to poisonous part of the chickpea. The hormonal balance begins to change rapidly in people who eat chickpea. Although it varies from person to person, thought and behavioral change occurs in almost every person who eat chickpea as a result of the hormonal imbalance. When eaten chickpea, people’s brain functions fall outside of normal.

It is highly recommended due to it’s high protein content, it’s filling, it’s cheaply available but it’s nutritional value is not suitable for human consumption, it is suitable for ruminant animals. Even animals should be fed rarely and in small amounts. It would be the best not to feed animals with it. Because there is also another aspect of the issue. The chickpeas nowadays and in the past are not the same. It is clear that the chickpea species are genetically modified.

Food security is a security issue that has to be constantly on the agenda at the National Security Council. In the recent decades, people has been directed to oat and the plants that is not suitable for human consumption. The food companies , the academicians, the publishing companies and the publishers who has been directed by the London based system, the enemies of humanity have heavily directed the people. Despite this, people are not willing to eat oatmeal. Because our human nature, our human characteristics make us feel that it’s not good for us in some way, makes us stay away from chickpea. Oat were grown as animal food as well and this was accurate.

Real scientists who are not a member of the Ankebut Cult,who have non-hostile feelings towards humanity, who haven’t become satanits, who have no connection with Masonry should do scientific studies on these subjects in Turkey immediately. The results should be announced without any delay. The results should be briefly explained in the Public service announcements in colloqiual language. People should be kept away from chickpea, oat and the other similar plants that are not suitable for human consumption. Ankebut Cult plays sneaky games to make the people eat the plants scientific studies have already revealed ‘problematic’ around the world. Such problems are not only turkish people’s problems and they are running the business in an organized manner with organized directions. The people who eat other problematic plants in other countries are being exposed to mind orientation without realizing. Especially Arabians, Indians, Iranians and Afghans should stay away from chickpea.

In regions where chickpea is eaten often and widely, their common behavior patterns, especially their genetic and psychological problems, the scientific tests about all their medical problems, analysis. Also it should be considered as one of the priority issues to do studies with the title, ‘financial, political and military impact to the balances of these problems’.

I’m not an expert on these subjects. I have drawn attention to these subjects in a limited extend with my knowledge, my level of understanding and my abilities. Real scientists should tell the shocking truths that needs to be told, without any hesitation. And without wasting any time…

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


Here is the field…

Simultaneously with the turmoil in Iran, the increase in the promotion of electric vehicles, trucks, and TIRs are always related to each other. In fact, the increase in the news that batteries will be produced for electric cars and the announcement of the development of battery technology that will enable one to travel hundreds of kilometers with a 10-minute charge is always connected. The Koç family enters the business of manufacturing batteries for electric vehicles with instructions from the top. Tayyip is already getting into these jobs with the instructions he received from the same place. These and others alike have announced and published the “good news” one after the other these days when the turmoil in Iran has increased.

In fact, there is no oil and gas supply problem in the world. There are no problems that will cause electricity and natural gas bills to inflate. This crisis is artificial. It was deliberately created by a handful of masons engaged in deception, lies, and international fraud. There are many purposes in doing this, but one of their purposes is to spread electric vehicles and sell them a lot.

In fact, they have been preparing for this for a long time. Lately, I have said that electric vehicles are actually problematic vehicles; they are not as they are described, there are still serious battery problems, and the vehicles of the near future will not be electric/battery vehicles, etc. As he spoke, his business fell apart. They could not control and direct the field as they wished and always made losses. Buying electric vehicles with the current level of technology means falling victim to fraudulent activity. The Ankebut Cult happily does activities that inflict all kinds of harm on the world’s humanity. Real states of law can’t allow the sale of electric vehicles with their current batteries and systems.

I’ll explain things more when the time comes. It should be well known that I will not allow the underground and aboveground riches of South Azerbaijan to be donated to the western world, Israel, and certain Asian countries that are also connected to the Ankebut Cult. I will not allow Putin, Tayyip, Pashinyan, and Aliyev to turn things around in this region for the benefit of the Ankebut Cult. I will not let projects that will lead the region’s people to more suffering and persecution that are told to humanity in a very different way than they really are.

If I have to bring to ruin trillions of dollars in companies, or even if I have to tear apart the United States, Russia, and China simultaneously, I will do it. Still, I will not allow these plans to be implemented.

Now everyone should come to their senses, stop chasing plans that will not come true, and withdraw from Southern Azerbaijan, and I will include it in Turkey. In this move, I will also not allow those who want to set up games. For those who want to conflict or compromise, here is the field…

We will clash with those who want and mutually reduce the tension with those who want.

| Mfs – Plan-breaking – Akademi Dergisi

George Soros!

You are trying in vain and shedding blood for no use.

As your bloody hands wander over the Turkish/Islamic world, and mostly over Turkey and Turkistan (Turkish world), I will break both hands at once.

I took this hand, too; you lost it. People like you are lost. As I deserve, I take South Azerbaijan. Please don’t make a mistake. Please be sure to admit your defeat and step back. Even if you don’t, you know.

Chaos used to benefit you; now, it helps us. I will not be responsible for the blood that will be spilled, the life that will burn. Then I will get angry and make you pay for it worldwide.

If you decide to make a mess, prepare immediately for India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, the USA, and Russia to be shattered and all your legitimate and illegitimate business to be disrupted at once. Perhaps the world has never seen so many leaders overthrown, and many countries are breaking up.

| Mfs – Wrist-breaking – Akademi Dergisi