What’s wrong with Obama USA?

You know, there was a democratic republic regime in the USA? Did Barack Obama, not Biden, become a candidate in the last election and win, but the American people and humanity were unaware of it?

Who gives Obama the right to pretend still to be the President of the United States and to bark orders from the official institutions of the United States? Could someone explain to me who the actual President of the USA is? Mr. Bidon and Mr. Kamala are what, who, and what. Everyone understood that they were not in the service of the American people, but to whose benefit are these two and their gang? What kind of system and organization is there?

All humanity already knows that in the last elections in the USA, all kinds of tricks and unlawfulness were committed before the eyes of the world, that the Biden/Kamala gang was supposed to have won the elections, and that these two were sitting in those offices unlawfully. The American people will eliminate the Biden/Kamala gang that betrayed the United States and strives to harm all humanity, but why does Obama intervene every time? According to what law, what official authority? Does the US have unknown, undeclared laws, and institutions? Who is Obama, and who does he serve? Obama is acting like the President of the USA entirely unlawfully and is pouring instructions on official institutions and officials, but why do all institutions and officials obey Obama, based on what law? Is there a state system within the state in the background or a secret gang that has taken over the official authorities, just like in Turkey? Is there the same secret and treacherous gang/organization behind the so-called social networks, in front of the eyes of the world, that unlawfully slammed the world against Trump from the very beginning and that they acted above all state institutions? Does the USA need a “homeland rescue operation,” too?

Are the democratic preferences of the American people stolen and taken away during the election, and are they not enough and are now being usurped over and over again over Obama’s actions? Who else is in the gang that Obama is in? Is there a justice system that exists in the USA? Will they look into these issues, or have they come entirely under the command of gangs like Turkey’s justice system?

Is it time to “export democracy to the United States”?

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