They are all over

Tayyip’s burden is very, very heavy. He can’t even carry himself for a while. Moreover, the responsibility is getting heavier every day. His feet were already unable to accept this burden, but he could stand “a little longer” with “unusual” methods. Even if Putin takes his arm now, he cannot carry Tayyip. Even if he were watching so that Tayyip would not be overthrown, he would still not be able to prevent Tayyip from being overthrown. It is possible that he can prolong Tayyip’s overthrow for a short time, but he can be overthrown before Tayyip. A person should not be under burdens that he cannot carry. A Tayyip, who has determined his “political suicide” with his preferences, has played games, is distracted every time despite all the opportunities offered, and has already exhausted all his credits, is useless to anyone. Even if Superman is not an imaginary hero, even if Superman takes his arm, he can no longer save Tayyip. If I say, “Tayyip era is over,” it is over. Those who move in the opposite direction have finished themselves.

SCO is over
Xi, is over
Putin is done
Tayyip, is over
Aliyev, is over
EU is finished
The USA is finished
NATO is finished
The royal family is finished
Israel is done
The old and evil world order is over.
For all the steps taken without keeping up with the new world order centered in Istanbul, suffering and troubles have been taken and are being taken in vain.

In addition, it should be known that those who put Tayyip, whose overthrow has only a few days left, could not get anything in Turkey. Such decisions and attitudes have already harmed Turkey’s relations with post-Putin Russia. Even as of now, Akkuyu N. G. S. is finished. Decisions and interventions that will cause “great” troubles, losses, and losses to Russia will also come one after another from Istanbul. All parties in the world will follow the developments as an example.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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