I don’t deal with Mickey Mouse.

The Greek side is getting ridiculous. They’re talking nonsense. Currently, the priority in the ranking is not in Greece, and I have made that clear. Turkey cannot enter into a conflict with Greece unless I give it “acceptance.” Even if there is a momentary fait accompli between Turkey and Greece, that conflict will not progress and cannot continue despite me.

The Royal family, who are trying to do something in their way against my plans and decisions I have announced, to open paths and move forward in the winds that I have created or will create, and some high-level people from the USA or NATO who see no problem in serving them should know that they will not be able to play the games that they have easily played thousands of times throughout history in my revolution.

While I am implementing the decisions I have announced, I will not implement them so that there are games within the game, so that the Royal, that is, the system of the Dajjal, will also move forward or find a way to survive/exist. I will not apply it so that Masons, secret or open Jews, Satanists, or alien parties of any kind, let my struggle go to waste so that I have come to the games despite all the struggle and the price paid. I wrote it so clearly. Everyone should re-evaluate these issues.

There is also the fact that I am a person who knows the facts that are not told to humanity in the world and have told and announced some of them to society in recent years. As such a person, I know that against Turkey under my control, it would still be an unnecessary war if not only Greece but even the entire NATO were with it. They will be at odds against Turkey. I know the lungs of NATO, the EU, the Crown, the USA, Israel, and others. I have openly declared that I am tired of these ridiculous Greek shows. We only have a few days before we get more than ten million so-called refugees out of Turkey’s borders. Anything can happen about this. Even if we send only 3 million of them to Greece, there would be no state/authority called Greece. The matter did not end there; many of the European United States of America went into crisis and collapsed in a short time.

I am busy activating the field on dozens of different and individually important issues and completing the final preparations. While the bionic robot in the image of the Queen is buried, I am thinking of adding other bionic robots from the Royal family. If I want to do it, I know that if I make this decision, it won’t count for my team and me in an impossible class, not even a tough type of work.

Every time I try to “infiltrate” my attempts to open up to the Turkish world, it makes me nervous. as I get tense, I don’t deal with rattles like others. I’m not pretending to be the Greeks, who often make simple statements and attitudes so repetitive that they can be said to be “into the loop” anymore. Whoever I have a problem with, I clash with him and drop him from the game. Even if Greece try to exercise with all nato countries right now, I will keep my calm. I stay calm, evaluate the field correctly, make the right decisions, and implement and have them implemented. I will also dismiss all governments and armies that have supported him as soon as possible.

But here I am, declaring Tayyip out of the game. A level must come to this field, to this world politics. I think the MFS should not be stressed more; more stress on the MFS may cause the royal/Dajjal family to become one with the earth, its aliens, and earthlings.

By the way, I laughed a lot at the latest statements about the bionic robot in the form of Adnan Oktar. He talked like a cowardly child who hides behind the excuse, “I’ll beat you up, but my mom won’t let me fight.” That guy is already finished. I also carve the bottoms of prosecutors and judges who have served him. There are also issues related to my congregation. There are criminal cases against me. I hang Soysuz by his throat and Haberal by his feet. A lot is going on, but the supposedly very influential and authoritative people on the field are still busy trying to set up plays on the rabble. Everybody gets together. I would like to see the intelligent, agile, brave, and strong enemy in front of me so that the game can be enjoyed.

And the interested parties should make their preparations immediately. In a very short time, I will lead the energy market in this world. Whose gas, oil, mine will go to whom, to whom will be sold and to whom will not be sold, I will decide. Even in 15 days, Tayyip’s work is entirely over; he is overthrown. Immediately afterward, all kinds of “energy” resources that exist in Turkey and have not been removed due to the prohibitions of the Royal family will be directly and rapidly extracted, processed, and used. In addition, the energy resources in southern Azerbaijan and Iraq will be in the hands of Turkey. Turkey’s citizens and those in the regions in question will quickly transition to a “prosperous” and “justice” life. The riches of these places will no longer flow to the west. Before winter, there will be very beneficial financial developments for Turkey and the people in the regions in question.

The parties in the world, who do not want to waste time with a collapsed London, want to take a flight with Istanbul and can adapt to the sensitivities of Istanbul, should get ready immediately.

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