Animal breeds included in the scope of GMOs should be avoided

(This publication is a unilaterally published version of Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya’s correspondence with a follower on his social media application) There are livestock breeds programmed into milk, meat, and wool and whose genetic codes have been interfered with for these purposes. None are healthy; they live in aches, pains, and problems.

While these interventions were being made, humanitarian, conscientious, medical, and legal boundaries were not observed. All such animals should be avoided. As I said, Iblis has spread them through the western realm to the rest of the world. This should be the official policy of all states. Just as one stays away from genetically modified (GMO) plants, animals included in the scope of GMOs should also be avoided.

Our country still has domestic breeds and those whose genetics are intact. The breeders are deceived, not valued, and not seen well, and these local breeds have become second class… However, these breeds are the most natural ones, the healthiest ones. Universities and academics should no longer serve Iblis through freemasonry but these citizens and the world’s humanity.

Also, the way for an animal to give more meat, milk, offspring, and eggs is not to change its genetics, to disrupt the functioning of its body in an unbalanced way, but to ensure the comfort of that animal. It is to be active, to be away from diseases, to be in clean environments, to stay away from drugs, and to be fed abundantly with clean/healthy foods.

None of the fattened animals can live healthy on their urine and feces. This is not technically possible. Despite this, while it is forbidden to keep animals living with their urine, feces, and their bodies covered with feces, and human health should be improved by emphasizing animal comfort and health, another evil is being done instead, and dozens of so-called drugs and vaccinations are applied to animals that live in filth and are constantly sick. I just wanted to let you know that this is being done.

The most fundamental of the problems in animal husbandry is indisputably the problem of cleanliness. He gets all kinds of diseases. Unless the cleaning problem is fixed, the problem cannot be solved with drugs. Side effects of drugs also continue to cause harm.

Also, choosing this route increases the cost for breeders. It also causes unnecessary and significant drug/veterinary expenses. It also causes animal losses. This increases the fees of the breeders. As a result, meat, milk, and things made from them become unnecessarily expensive. This makes living conditions very difficult. As living becomes more complex, eating healthily and getting the protein and vitamins necessary for the body becomes very difficult. This is one of the purposes of the Dajjal and Iblis. The world does not want its humanity to be healthy and strong. However, even a sound mind (mind, logic, reasoning, memory) resides in a sound, well-nourished, healthy body.

When I officially take over the country’s administration in a short time, I will first take “shaking” decisions to ensure cleanliness and health through a ground-to-ceiling system.

I have already declared that I will ban all kinds of soaps, shampoos, detergents, and similar chemicals harmful to health, and I will offer options to those who raise animals with a closed/connected system.

Find a pasture opportunity, expand your options by making partnerships, get a loan from the state, and raise your animals on an open pasture if necessary.

Or somehow find a way to keep your animals clean, healthy and active indoors…

Or you won’t be able to do this job, and I’ll say quit. If he doesn’t, I will impose heavy fines, and he will only be able to pay those fines if he sells his place, not his animals. The result will still be unchanged and left. You do not have the right to torture or harm animals, nor do you have the right to torture and harm people through animals and to impair health.

I will not give a livestock license to anyone who does not fulfill the cleaning conditions and cannot provide animal comfort. Inspections in this field will be widespread and heavy, concessions will never be made, and the life of a bribed civil servant will be dark.

Those chicks are like a drugstore. I will never allow that kind of poultry farming.

All of Turkey is empty land. Let them buy cheap, spend money, pay on farms, not lose the taste of competition and do business properly.

Let them earn clean and plenty of money and not harm animals or people.

As I always say, whoever does his job honestly will find the state by his side. Whoever does his job with wrong intentions will find the form against him. The problems of this country and nation will be fundamentally corrected.

  As for medicines… No one is against medicines, vaccines, medicine, or technology. Still, first of all, the will to prevent diseases will be displayed, decisions will be made in this context, guidance will be made, and the implementation of these state decisions will be ensured. However, if there is a small number of sick cases, “confirmed safety” drugs and vaccines will be used “as necessary.” It will be seen that as a result of this, humanity will get rid of drugs in a short time and to a large extent.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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