It won’t be resolved on the table

We are not a friend of Ukraine and we will not be. We have extended Ukraine a hand of friendship at the time and we repeatedly saved Ukraine from dreadful plans but they tried to break our hand, our wrist. But they have also decided to stay in the satanic system of Ankebut Cult. They had their way without paying attention to our sensitivities.They went straight to Biden who is the pawn on a leash of the queen. Now, Mr. Biden and Mr. Kamala both are ineffective, they are nothing… Ukraine is actually unsupported, lonely…

An artificial public opinion has created about Ukraine in Turkey from the beginning. Turkish people does not have sensitivity for Ukraine. Even now, more than 80 percent of people in Turkey do not have accurate information about what’s exactly happenning in Ukraine and they are not even curious about it. Most of them don’t even know it’s location on the map. This artificial public opinion created with the declarations, pressure and direction of the press, the media, the social media, but most of all, the militants of the illegitimate Ankara government. As of now, we will prevent the artificial public opinion and the deceptions about Ukraine issue.

Turkey is not a friend of Ukraine with its state and its people. Ankara government does not represent the state or the nation. Ankara government speaks on behalf of a bunch of black money maker masons, satanits, colonialist English lackeys, countries that are Turkish and Islamic enemies, not on behalf of our state or our people. Azerbaijan government which is a pawn of England like Ankara government, is a friend of Ukraine but it cannot be claimed that the nation of Azerbeijan is a friend of Ukraine. The pawns of England at the head of Turkic Republics of Central Asia might explain that they are friends of Ukraine and this doesn’t surprise anyone. Turkish communities in there are not friends of a nation that extremely has gone astray and disobedient like a nation of Ukraine, they do not. The ones who creates artificial public opinion who secretly work for the queen’s system in various countries, looking like turkish and muslim, cannot move forward, cannot act, cannot pressure anymore.

If Russia-Ukraine issue could be solved on a negotiating table, it would be solved already by now dozens of times. Russia-Ukraine issue will be fully resolved, when it is clearly/concretely seen by everyone in a very short time that we have destroyed the western world already and completely, but it will not be resolved on the table. Ukraine is an artificial state and those lands will be disintegrate as required by history and law, Turkey will take what is rightfully Turkey’s from there. The maps drawn by Ankebut Cult will change in the very near future and very quickly.

Tayyip the illegitimate president who stated that he is ready to act as a facilitator and mediator, cannot act any ‘role’ anymore. All the fronts within and outside our country clearly saw, heard that he is the one who acts but can do nothing, a weak lackey of England who has already lost his power. The entire world saw, heard the power of Istanbul government.

Pay attention, there is no real Russia-Ukraine war. But there is a Russia-Ukraine issue and this issue will not be solved on the table. Istanbul waits for the right time. When the time is right, Istanbul has the final word on this issue.

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