Looking for a door?

If there are those among you who are looking for doors, passages, tunnels, or those who will, let them not bother. With the technology in the hands of alien species on Earth, it is not necessary to make a door to enter and exit a place. They open any wall with a light they hold and pass through it. Then he turns off the light and the wall returns to its previous state. They enter and exit bionic robots frequently, but they also have doors, lids, zippers, etc. there are no parts.

That claim, which has been spoken among the world’s humanity for decades, is true. UFOs can stand on top of a house, emitting a light towards the house, and can pull someone up in their house. Even if the person is awake, he cannot escape this intervention. Concrete ceiling in between and also steel joinery or wood joinery roof etc. none of the things are a hindrance. Then they turn off the light and everything is back to normal, from the ceiling to the roof. This is very old technology for them. The people of the world developed and used it ten thousand years ago. I wrote a lot about what happened after that, everyone knows now.

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I will burn mercilessly.

17 AUGUST 2022 – 13:00

What appears in the square is not the real Tayyip. He is a bionic robot with a “three fists” gray inside that works with the Queen’s Dajjal system.

After what I have explained openly recently, it has probably been understood that the bionic robot in the image of Tayyip does not work for Israel, Judaism, or Freemasonry. They are constantly working on the system of the Dajjal based on the Queen. These are the enemies of all humanity. They don’t care about Jews or Israel. They have already manipulated religious and political leaders in Israel, or bionic robots have already replaced them. The Sanhedrin is an organization entirely under the control of aliens.

In Turkey, as in many countries, there are secret parts under the buildings of the most prominent institutions in the nation’s administration, especially the Presidency, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and the MIT. Some of them also have hidden parts under the hidden parts. The first secret part is already the secret part that the world’s people and state officials know, secretly enter, and use, while there are secret parts that alien parties enter and use. There are games within games. There are many wells inside the well in many respects. Thanks to such places, systems, and bionic robots, they can become a state within the state and manage their bionic robots. Thus, they want to lead and manage all states, all nations, and humanity through states. However, since the decision differences between different alien human species cannot be avoided, not everyone on the field is colluding. There are confused balances.

The bionic robot made in the image of Tayyip also occasionally enters the secret part of the underground aliens. It is repaired, maintained, and adjusted. If the alien human inside the bionic robot is too warped and incapacitated, or if he dies from being struck by metaphysics, he is also replaced in the underground part in question. Sometimes, if these things take a long time, another bionic robot replica made in the image of Tayyip goes up and manages the environment. The members of many governments in the world, the officers in the commanding ranks of the armies, extensive holdings, large religious communities, prominent Masonic masters, prominent religious leaders, and the people who need to replace them to hold power, have always been replaced by bionic robots. Since Istanbul has started to destroy this system in the world in recent years, more practical and authorized people in Turkey have been replaced by bionic robots.
After giving this information openly, I write this candidly and with great anger that I can still control:

Even now, I will not be bothered by the extermination of thousands of so-called Turkish officers and Turkish soldiers under their command, and the so-called opposition/militia, actually terrorist organizations, still in Syria in one day. Yes, even if our army loses ten thousand soldiers and hundreds of officers in one day, I will not have any problems with those who do this. I will settle accounts with the so-called Turkish and world-people traitors who caused this. I will take revenge on them, their organizations, and their bases. From now on, I will never allow or allow the punishment of those among Turkish officers and soldiers, who are in any region abroad, who desert by disobeying orders. No power can punish fugitive officers and soldiers by using our system to the detriment of our nation and our state without trampling on me. And no power in this world can crush me.
I will not look into the eyes of some countries, governments, armies, and prominent business people who are still on my side in the Syrian issue, stalling and colluding with the Queen’s system. They, too, must now have a clear stance or perish along with our enemies.
I have said many times I will burn the whole world if necessary, but I will not send my army to Syria. I will not keep one so-called refugee here. I will also throw those who have been given so-called citizenship beyond the borders. It is not the responsibility of our nation, our state, to spend additional expenses on sending them to their countries. Let them go as they came. Do they take human smugglers, go on foot, swim in the sea, or do Israel/USA/UK take advantage of the opportunity and steal their organs or sell them to the prostitution mafia? It is not my nation’s responsibility. Those who do not protect their homeland flee like cowards and dishonors, those who are spineless risk all kinds of dangers.

We will not send our army to Syria to avoid these dangers. We will not keep more than ten million refugees in our country. We will not allow any of us to be donated to other states. Let everyone accept Turkey is no longer the old Turkey. Otherwise, Mfs will burn the world.

For Turkey, Tayyip, AKPKK, MHPKK, and the CHPKK, HDPKK, the so-called IYI party, all-six gangs, etc.. In Turkey, the so-called modern republican system, democratic system, and electoral system imposed by England have collapsed. Games and traps have been corrupted, and the system of the Dajjal has been exposed. After that, there will be no elections in Turkey. Even if it is tried to be done with a fait accompli, it will not be valid; it will not solve the chaos, and it will not change the result. In any case, we will officially take over the country’s administration.

I am writing this very clearly. Those who have made official or unofficial statements in parallel with Istanbul in the last two or three days, from different countries of the world and groups within Turkey, and those who make statements as if they support Istanbul’s last stand, should now openly put their hands under the responsibility. Let them show their sincerity. We will look at actions, not words. We have no fear of anyone. Forewarned, I will crush that Queen and her system under my feet. I will destroy the USA and other countries that are pawns and subcontractors to him.

We are also downloading Tayyip. We remove those who work with him and those who collude with him. We do not leave a NATO or US base in this country. Let those with us make the moves that will lead to the same result as us, openly and immediately. Immediately after this article, they should make their official explanations so that everyone can “doubtfully” understand. Let them say, “We are here too; we are with you.”

Meanwhile, we simultaneously destroy and expose Tansu Çiller, nicknamed “the rose of the CIA,” and those who work in her system. They have exceeded the limit. Since they want to see power, let’s fight. No matter how many internal and external enemies we have, we invite them all to the field/mat.

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