All they will be buried

If AKPKK attempts to go to war with Syria, we will use this as a justification for coup.We will carry out a millitary coup and a national coup at the same time. It’s imminent, coups will take place also in USA. Immediately afterwards, we will release the informations and the documents everywhere that will cause dozens of governments to be overthrown. We will also support the patriots of those countries openly or from the background.

Everything will be the way as we informed earlier. There is no need to repeat. If someone insistently want us to oficially take over our country’s administration, we will. If someone want to continue being the queen’s dogs on a leash and want to be culled, then we will cull them. Hulusi Akar will be the first of all.

Because the queen wants… Because the balances turns against them… Because they need more babies, kids, girls, women, they need more organs… Because BOP, the Israeli Project is collapsing… Because many Ankebut Cult countries especially USA, England, Israel, Germany have become unable to give salary to the civil servants… The authorized military and administrative traitors in Turkey might go to war with Syria. But this army will not obey their orders. Also our nation will not obey them. Turkish army will not go to war with Syria.

If, England, USA, Germany, France,Israel and other Ankebut cult countries wants war, then they should go to war with Syria themselves. Only then, we would join to war, intending to bury all of them in there.

All sides must be prepared. We are very determined, there is no turning back from here. Even if millions of people will die, even if we have to hunt down the authorized military and political traitors, we will expell all of the so-called refugees from our country. I’m writing it openly and repeatedly, we will. Now which countries, which armies, which secret services, which black money makers and organ smuggler masons have whatever talent and strenght left, come out on the field. We are starting a conflict immediately.

That’s enough, we have already been fed up with. If they will not understand from talking or warning, our bullets will do the talking. This is a matter of national security. This is a matter of protection of our homeland, our nation, our state. They can not use Turkey and our army for the interests of Jews, Christians, satanists, masons anymore. If there is anyone who can say ‘I’m the one, I will use, who are you Mfs’, take a step forward, show himself.

Everyone should know that I will tear every ranking officers down who obey the dog Hulusi’s orders which are openly treason, no matter what their ranks are , I will not let him live. Court-martial is coming. It’s imminent. We will hang the traitors one by one who left alive in the court during this process.

Mfs- Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


Istanbul warns

The latest open and unlawful interventions by the US deep state against Trump have disturbed and disturbed me. At the moment, there is no real government in the USA and the state is run by the deep state that works for Israel and England. Both Biden and Kamala are actually out of the game, they’re void, and they’re just standing there to look like useless puppets. The developments that I have caused and will happen in the USA are things that will benefit the people of the USA and humanity.

I changed the balance a lot in England and throughout Europe. The Queen is no longer the old Queen and is in her last moments. She is taking her last breaths. Likewise, Russia and China are in deadlocks… The Ankara government will be overthrown in a very short time unless Istanbul stands alongside it. There is complete political chaos and uncertainty around the world. Everyone’s eyes and ears are on Istanbul… Istanbul has given the world the shape it wanted to give, and now it’s the last thing it has to do for the US people to become a truly free people, for the Queen’s evil system that has shed blood on the world to collapse completely, for the events that she has been reporting for a while to happen. making interventions…

Going against the people who are more or less with me in this struggle, or who may even be with me, will only cause me to get angry and the process gets out of control. This does not change the result, as a result, I will still do what I want to do, but the American people will experience great pain and losses. I’m not responsible for that either. Governments, communities, and influential and authoritative persons who act with me are also not responsible. While many of the current US officials are serving terrorism, human trafficking, organ trafficking, Satanism, and hostility to humanity, we are trying to save all humanity, including the US people, from the oppression of this evil system. This is a truth that is indisputably clear and open in front of everyone.

I do not want any side to be involved in the last struggles of the US deep state, which will do nothing. The parties that will be on the wrong side at the moment will have taken their place against all humanity and will not be able to stand up again. They disappear. Biden, Kamala, and their gang are responsible for the unjust deaths of tens of millions of civilians around the world and will be brought to justice. The US deep state, which serves the Israelis and the British more than the Americans, will also be destroyed and those involved will be prosecuted. The honorable real officers of the US army do not want the USA to be governed like a state that is the tool of other countries, and to be a tool for the grave crimes that are constantly committed around the world, and they will be with us in this struggle.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi