The new curtain in the theater: Azerbaijan

I’m not going to stretch anything. For years, everyone understood everything. Everyone understood and comprehended what kind of system works in the world, the real faces of the parties, their real goals, methods, tricks, and tricks. Everyone understood Freemasonry and Satanism.

Many parties that seem to be hostile to each other are also background collaborators on the Azerbaijan issue. The same games are played again. They will shed blood again, exploit again, steal again, and kidnap children and women again. Again, black and blood money will turn things around. Again, Putin, Tayyip again, Iran, Armenia, which is not even a part of that state, and besides them, large and small anti-Islamic leaders and countries will collude. The main target is the Muslim Turks, who have always prevented the demonization of this world….

Again, the Queen gives orders, and the seemingly hostile leaders and states play their roles. Furthermore, the press and media, social media, so-called experts, and retired officers of the Ankebut Cult draw the masses into the games. It’s still the same, always the same…

They don’t care, they will destroy Azerbaijan as well. Ilham Aliyev, the head of Azerbaijan, and his satanic Jewish and sorcerer wife Mihriban Aliyeva, who is higher in the system, also play their roles. They follow the instructions they receive. First of all, they act with Turkish/Islamic enmity.

The goal of this system is to drag all humanity into material and moral disasters thanks to such games. They have already brought almost all of humanity to the level they want a long time ago. Now they are in a state of panic because a “humanitarian” struggle based in Istanbul is surrounding the world, and they will make concrete moves very soon. With collision and artificial crises, they are trying to direct the field and respond to Istanbul in their own way.

Again, I write without further ado. As long as the Azerbaijani people continue to obey those puppets at their heads, those three or five crypto traitors who are even afraid of their shadow, we will do nothing. Already, a significant part of the Azerbaijani people has become lovers of Israel/Jews and Europe, remaining under the rule and assimilation of these traitors. There is no Turkish, Muslim, or even humanity left. They are rotten with their creeds, lifestyles, clothes, perspectives, everything. There is a mass that cannot be recovered in Turkey, I repeat this, but there is also in Azerbaijan.
The methods of the Ankebut Cult are clear… Spreading terror, blood, fighting, noise, revenge, sedition, treason, torture, murder, nakedness, irreligion, rape, sexual perversion, hunger, poverty, disease, and whatever is evil. Continuing the same things in every century…

Real Turks/Muslims in Azerbaijan have to overthrow their traitors. They will unite, they will fight. If necessary, they will pay the price. There is no other way. Let’s see that, let’s at least see that they are fighting for it, we will already be by their side. If necessary, we will pay the price with them. If necessary, we will raise South Azerbaijan simultaneously. If necessary, we will confuse the world, but otherwise, we will leave Azerbaijan to its bitter fate.

Suffering, massacres, hunger, disease, and mass deaths are experienced for a while. Those who consent to be exploited herds instead of being an honorable nation, those who continue to obey the evil system, will be punished. In what ways and how severely Allah destroys the peoples who have gone astray and the generations that have followed the devil, everyone sees it again and again. Then we will again include Azerbaijan within our borders. The result does not change, but many lives are hurt in this process.

No one from Turkey will make a move until Azerbaijan recovers. No one will be an instrument of collusion. No one will support people and groups with nothing Turkish or Muslim left except their name. Military, political, and financial support will not be given in any field. We won’t even be making news. Everyone will either live properly or find what he deserves.

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