They were trembled

The last time that I have written about the deserts in the world can be used to create very high, very cheap and very clean energy… That I have written there are underground cities of the aliens underneath the deserts and they use the deserts as energy sources afor create the energy/light requirement of these underground cities… That I have said, in the future, these deserts must be used for the world humanity to meet its energy demands. I can create artificial rivers with clear flowing water and artificial lakes if I want…

That I claim that I can spoil the plans of those who are intentionally trying to create drought and famine in the world, any time I want…

As anyone can guess, all of this and also many issues that I have claimed, I have said to inform, made some people very nerveous.

I haven’t said anything yet though. I haven’t said but there are a few people in this world who predicts and even almost definetely knows what I’ll do, what I’ll say. One of them is the Iblees from the jinn. The other one is a human being even though he is an alien, who holds the power balances of the world, who is recently losing the power balances he has, who freaks out when I wrote what I have mentioned above, and the one who described as the dajjal in the hadiths…

Threw the iblees away, he is finished. His organization in the jinn realm had hit bottom. His masonic/satanic organization in the human realm is either done and collapsed. His own health is very bad too. I keep attacking him with metaphysics regularly everyday. But the alien leader as known the dajjal, he is the one who’s dangerous.

I know from some personal experience, some information, some religeous sources, some dream interpretation, some metaphysic methods that he will cause a lot of trouble. He will cause things to happen that no one has seen, has never happened before in the history of the world. Everything he’s got, every technology, every tool, every equipment, every device in his hands that he hasn’t used until now, he will use all of them together one after another. I will be the target. He will want to finish me off and say ”see, that’s it”. But I am not going to let this happen. I will give the necessary responses, I’ll make them give the necesary responses. I say this much, the interlocutors of this article also will work on the issues.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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