Dear Diary! I will tell you about Fatih Sultan Mehmet

I have changed humanity’s heart. I have convinced almost everyone how shocking the world is now and historically. Everyone has understood and accepted how true, severe and logical what I have said. However, understanding and acceptance are different… Everyone can do the first one, and only honest, well-intentioned, characterful people can do the second.

Everyone can do the first, and only honest, well-intentioned, characterful real people can do the second. In recent years, what I have been able to tell people, what I have been able to accept, and what I have to say is nothing compared to what I have to say. Instead of being shaken by the shocking truths, I have told, questioning, researching, suffering, being honest and accepting the bitter truth, and acting accordingly, they take it easy. “Is there any such thing? Now, where did such a thing come from?” Even when they say that they actually sincerely understand, grasp, and affirm that truth.

Man is a very different creature. There is both demonization and angelization in his creation. If he wishes, he can be as honest, truthful, innocent, and immaculate as angels. He can be as deceitful, selfish, indifferent, liar, slanderous, seditious, dishonest, selfish, and arrogant as the devils. For most people, their position, environment, reputation, money, fame, and worldly interests still come first. Personal development courses and psychiatric supports are useless without spiritual/religious upbringing and fear of Allah. When I get bored of people, I always turn my face to you. I’m telling you what I didn’t tell them.

Dear Diary! If I tell people that an earthquake with a magnitude of 9 will affect the world, I will tell you again, not them. You are the best trouble partner for me. You know, the person we know as Fatih Sultan Mehmed was made a bionic robot when he was a child. Afterward, the high-tech alien parties played very insidious and gigantic games against us humanity… They created a breaking point in the world’s political, religious, military, and financial balances. The ulema, whose hadiths announcing the conquest of Istanbul up to that time, were mostly “Istanbul’s Hz. Mahdi will conquer,” they explained. However, at that time, “Istanbul will be conquered twice, the first conquest will be made by Sultan Mehmed, the second will be a spiritual conquest, and  It will be done by  Hz. Mahdi.” This was one of the games of the alien parties, who replaced many influential and authoritative people with bionic robots.

ear diary, as reported in an authentic hadith-i sharif, Rome was supposed to be conquered by the Muslims shortly after the conquest of Istanbul, but this did not happen even though nearly six centuries had passed. Because the conquest of Istanbul mentioned in sound hadiths never took place. In the End Times, It will happen in the time of Hz. Mahdi. Istanbul will then indeed be a Muslim city with everything.

Recently, I had people doubt and question the architectural styles of Mimar Sinan, Evliya Çelebi, some Ottoman sultans and statesmen, and mosques in Ottoman times. I shared a few short articles but didn’t tell anything I knew. There are facts that are so shocking that I hesitate even to tell you. Our ancestors said, “The earth has ears,” and there are so many hypocrites and people with crypto identities in the Islamic cause who have been subject to the system of the Dajjal that if I were to tell these shocking facts now, I would deal with hundreds of so-called teachers, so-called intellectuals, who speak from the stomach rather than from the heart. What’s the point? I will collect all of them soon and have them hung.

The person we know as Fatih Sultan Mehmet was not a secret Christian. There are countless decisions and practices that will benefit the Christian world, and those who study the issues among Christians are convinced that the So-called Fatih is a secret Christian. But the reality is not like that, and what happened at that time was primarily a clash of Greens and Grays fighting to rule the world. In other words, it was the conflict and contention of the alien parties living in huge underground cities.

Until I learned these shocking facts, there were many issues that I questioned about this part of history since I was a child. Since my early youth, I have questioned why Hagia Sophia was not fully converted into a mosque after the so-called conquest and why the pictures drawn for idolatry were not wholly engraved. In recent years, I have always questioned why the Satanist places and tunnels under Hagia Sophia, where massacres of people were held, were not destroyed… If the person we know as Fatih Sultan Mehmed is what we think, if he is someone as we are told and taught, inhumane things are kept to be done. How can he not know those underground places he has destroyed? If he knows, how and why should he not destroy or destroy it? If he closed an era and opened a new one, became the most powerful state of the era, and became the political leader of that state to be called “one man,” could he not destroy three or five satanic places? However, the so-called Fatih, also known as went to St. Peter’s Church and followed Satanist rites, which looked like Christian rites, and ate the communion bread. It is an indisputable fact that after the so-called conquest, he acted by flexing the bar of “religious freedom for non-Muslims” much more than it should and trying to ensure that they have still remained the “dominant power”…

The shocking truth is that Hagia Sophia was originally built as a Satanist temple from the moment it was built. Among those who did were bionic robots. It was desirable that it remained a Satanic shrine even after the so-called conquest. Since this could not be done openly, secretly, things turned. The so-called Fatih, who knew all this, was not disturbed at all and did not prevent it. The so-called mosques of the Ottoman Empire, which were thought to have been built under the influence of Aysofya, were always actually built as temples of Satanists. They were built as a kind of “church with minaret” or “satanist temple with the minaret.” Mimar Sinan was also replaced. That too was made a bionic robot; if he hadn’t been made, and even if the original Mimar Sinan had stayed on the field, he still wasn’t a decent person.

Besides, wasn’t the conquest of Istanbul one of the great portents of the apocalypse? Wasn’t the conquest of Istanbul something that could happen with the collapse of the organizations of the Dajjal and Iblis? Isn’t Istanbul the heart and center of this world at all times? What kind of conquest was this that neither Iblis and his gang had collapsed all over the world, nor the Dajjal and his gang collapsed? On the contrary, their style, symbols, and men/organization dominated everywhere. Six centuries passed, and the apocalypse did not come. However, Enes bin Malik (Radiyallahu Anh), who knew very well how the conquest of Istanbul was described in sound hadiths, was later asked about this issue and said, “The conquest of Constantinople/Istanbul is with the breaking of the apocalypse.” Didn’t he reveal that he believed that the distance between the conquest and the apocalypse was very close and that he interpreted what our prophet said in this way?

After the so-called conquest of Istanbul, Rome could not be conquered either because a nation with spirituality, knowledge, piety, and natural sciences could conquer Rome… At the same time, a nation with very good, just, experienced statesmen and commanders of the same caliber in the army, the so-called Fatih, was not around. If he had, no one could have stopped those conquests, it would have continued. So, while conquering Istanbul in the End Times,  “a big nation and a huge army” at the level of high morals and knowledge. Hazrat Mahdi’s surroundings (as) will not be around, and even these parts are clearly explained in hadiths. That person is the real conqueror in the End Times, that is Hz. Mahdi is a great person because he will cause such “extraordinary” events to happen, break the routine, and do things that seem impossible. Since the Age of Bliss, this ummah has known the greatness of Hazrat Mahdi and talked about his greatness. For more than a thousand years, members of this ummah have hoped to live in the time of Hz.Mahdi. Hz. Mahdi will live in an era when the apocalypse must break under normal circumstances, and he will almost be instrumental in “postponing the Doomsday.” He will cause the world and all realms to experience “extensions” before the apocalypse breaks. When he begins his service, a curse of violence and power will prevail in the world, never before seen. After a while, those who do not fully understand these parts said, “The second conquest of Istanbul will not be with swords or weapons, but with dhikr. The second conquest will be a spiritual conquest,” they said. The fact that they did not have the knowledge and ideas about what could be done with spiritual strength, mysterious and deep sciences, and metaphysical abilities led them to interpret it like this. What about those ships being run by land? How is it not questioned? Is there a moral saving there, or is high technology used secretly and in a way that even the soldiers pulling the ropes cannot notice?

If that fake theater of conquest had not been staged, who knows how many times over the last six centuries, Muslims would have fought to “really” conquer Istanbul. That, too, has been cut off. There is no such thing as the second conquest of Istanbul. Istanbul. After being conquered by Hz. Mahdi, Rome will also be conquered in a short time, and then the whole world will come under Muslims’ control. Many states/nations will, of their own accord, very lovingly and willingly be subordinate to the real Fatih and will be included in his state. After that, a single world state will be established, and a long or short time will pass, as Allah knows best. Then, disbelief will prevail in the world, Istanbul will fall into the hands of the unbelievers again, there will be no more Islamic era, and the apocalypse will follow. All this will happen in the sound hadiths, which are explained in a very understandable way with many details…

There are many parts of this subject that can be discussed in this way. I have chosen you again to change my agenda and rest my mind for a moment, in these days when the political balances in the world are very confused as I would like and the political struggle is very heated. If I had cracked these to a “human,” how much “dry noise” would I have been dealing with? so glad I have you, dear diary. If you only knew the Muslims who realized such shocking truths while living in the past centuries, tried to tell them without fear, tried to warn the Muslims but were killed by bionic robots or sorcerers who tried to fight the antichrist and Iblis, you would pity them, dear diary… . Even though you know the gold and other things with material value that has been transferred for centuries, it hurts so much, dear diary.

Now that we are faced with extremely shocking and bitter truths, I have no doubts,and I have not been and will not be like the hypocrites. It is what it is… And they won’t be able to kill me dear diary, I will tell all of this and much more to all humanity soon. I will genuinely end this black age.

Anyway, even as I write to you, I still have concerns. Maybe soon I’ll also pour my heart out to you in these matters.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan

31 Ağustos 2022 – İstanbul

USA’s new scandal

The USA, one of the unofficial colonies of England, once again intervened in the internal affairs of Turkey, which was advancing towards complete independence.

The USA tried again to intervene in Turkey’s internal affairs and suppress the justice system to protect the secret Jews, secret freemasons, and secret Satanists who live in Turkey by appearing to be Turks and struggling to disrupt all kinds of the established order and all kinds of nice/good things.

The United States made an official statement about Gülşen, a secret Jew and satanist and a member of Adnan Oktar’s organized crime, terror, and treason organization, struggling to make society immoral, dishonest, irreligious, and satanic.

Every day, dozens of citizens are killed or maimed in their own lands due to unjustified police brutality… The last elections were full of fraud and stolen… In the press and media, non-Satanists could not have a say… On social media platforms, “people remained,” and everyone who wanted goodness was censored… Still, The USA, which carries out all kinds of illegal black money works worldwide, causing the death or disability of countless people while doing so, has talked about human rights and freedom of expression. Yes, yes… It really happened like that. The hypocritical, satanic, and unlawful exit of the USA, one of the most disgusting, unlawful, uncivilized, and evil states in the known history of humanity, has put everyone who has remained human and not demonized in Turkey very much.

The official statement made by the USA, this time to protect the black money and treason organizations around the world that it organizes, supports, protects, uses, and whose top cadres are mostly Jewish/Masons, states that the USA is a lawless terrorist state and that the nations It reiterated the necessity for a military operation to save the people of the United States, through an alliance between nations. The official statement of the satanist gang, which took over the administration of the USA with fraudulent elections, is as follows:

“The United States is concerned about the forms of judicial harassment used to restrict freedom of expression in Turkey.

We call on Turkey to respect and guarantee freedom of expression.”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Dear Diary

England was brought to heel by MFS. Now I am much closer to my short-term goals. I’m looking for the right time. When the time is right, I will throw a hard Mfs punch and knock out the Queen, the Royals, and all of England in a single move before the game is over. But first, there is the USA. I will put that anti-human Bidon and that scumbag called Kamala into the situations they deserve. I will make history with the disastrous fate of the types of unknown nationality and gender in that world’s most evil cabinet. They will fall out of the game, falling into pathetic situations.

I will not compromise my determination on the Syrian issue. I kept repeating how many times I said it, but they still did not understand. Although it is incorrect to say they did not understand, they did not want to understand and accept. As long as our army is in Syria and more than ten million so-called refugees are in Turkey, I will not give anyone peace of mind. I will not allow you to make money or stay in power. If necessary, I will overthrow dozens of governments one after the other. If necessary, I will sink dozens of giant holdings. By the way, I see that some people who didn’t believe me before can’t escape their shock after the recent events. Dear diary, I did not understand these people; I do not understand. I don’t know how they can fall into the same situation every time, even though I let them know all over again, sometimes months, sometimes years ago.

By the way, I am still thinking of working with India to manufacture cars with unprecedented quality, features, and affordable prices. There, too, it doesn’t matter much after a point in whose hands the power is official. I know that I now have to establish concrete links with the internal groups of big India. I will make it one of the important centers of agriculture and animal husbandry, but I am undecided. First, farming on the sea seems to me to be a very logical, efficient, accessible, faster, and more profitable system. I was going to do this job in the Mediterranean, but recently there have been some subtle changes in the projects; I have been choosing the Black Sea. I don’t need executives, governments, and business people whose stances/decisions are changing, but I need choppy seas…

Dear Diary! Do you think someone misunderstood my effort to protect innocents from being thrown into prisons? Why should I protect and challenge Queen’s pawns, the actual FETO members at the organization’s top? Why can I tell people my problem? I write everything most transparently and repetitively.

Anyway, there is a lot to tell; as I said before, there are active days around the world, and I have a lot of work to do, which is how I write down the history in this diary.

Friday, August 19, 2022

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

It won’t be resolved on the table

We are not a friend of Ukraine and we will not be. We have extended Ukraine a hand of friendship at the time and we repeatedly saved Ukraine from dreadful plans but they tried to break our hand, our wrist. But they have also decided to stay in the satanic system of Ankebut Cult. They had their way without paying attention to our sensitivities.They went straight to Biden who is the pawn on a leash of the queen. Now, Mr. Biden and Mr. Kamala both are ineffective, they are nothing… Ukraine is actually unsupported, lonely…

An artificial public opinion has created about Ukraine in Turkey from the beginning. Turkish people does not have sensitivity for Ukraine. Even now, more than 80 percent of people in Turkey do not have accurate information about what’s exactly happenning in Ukraine and they are not even curious about it. Most of them don’t even know it’s location on the map. This artificial public opinion created with the declarations, pressure and direction of the press, the media, the social media, but most of all, the militants of the illegitimate Ankara government. As of now, we will prevent the artificial public opinion and the deceptions about Ukraine issue.

Turkey is not a friend of Ukraine with its state and its people. Ankara government does not represent the state or the nation. Ankara government speaks on behalf of a bunch of black money maker masons, satanits, colonialist English lackeys, countries that are Turkish and Islamic enemies, not on behalf of our state or our people. Azerbaijan government which is a pawn of England like Ankara government, is a friend of Ukraine but it cannot be claimed that the nation of Azerbeijan is a friend of Ukraine. The pawns of England at the head of Turkic Republics of Central Asia might explain that they are friends of Ukraine and this doesn’t surprise anyone. Turkish communities in there are not friends of a nation that extremely has gone astray and disobedient like a nation of Ukraine, they do not. The ones who creates artificial public opinion who secretly work for the queen’s system in various countries, looking like turkish and muslim, cannot move forward, cannot act, cannot pressure anymore.

If Russia-Ukraine issue could be solved on a negotiating table, it would be solved already by now dozens of times. Russia-Ukraine issue will be fully resolved, when it is clearly/concretely seen by everyone in a very short time that we have destroyed the western world already and completely, but it will not be resolved on the table. Ukraine is an artificial state and those lands will be disintegrate as required by history and law, Turkey will take what is rightfully Turkey’s from there. The maps drawn by Ankebut Cult will change in the very near future and very quickly.

Tayyip the illegitimate president who stated that he is ready to act as a facilitator and mediator, cannot act any ‘role’ anymore. All the fronts within and outside our country clearly saw, heard that he is the one who acts but can do nothing, a weak lackey of England who has already lost his power. The entire world saw, heard the power of Istanbul government.

Pay attention, there is no real Russia-Ukraine war. But there is a Russia-Ukraine issue and this issue will not be solved on the table. Istanbul waits for the right time. When the time is right, Istanbul has the final word on this issue.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi


Making my latest warning

It guess my level of anger and seriousness in my writings is not noticeable, like so many times before. They will say ”how did we get here” after it’s too late but it will be their fault again.

It is hard to distinguish between good and evil around me. It disturbs me very much. My surroundings are like the United Nations. Moreover, there are those who act with very simple thoughts, very simple plans, very very simple men. I am thoroughly bored. There will be a great noise from here soon. It doesn’t matter which authorized people will solve or how they will solve the issue/explosion/conflict that the whole world will hear and will be curious about . If they cannot, let the chips fall where they may. I will neither go to prison nor to the grave, nor will I send my people there. I will break down this system.

Also, I have been writing the same thing for years. I have an excellent system and organization. Even alien parties couldn’t harm us, they cannot. I don’t need additional protection of any other human or alien groups. I’m uncomfortable from those useless, unnecessary groups who supposedly acts like providing additional protection by taking it upon themselves. Everyone should decide accordingly.

We are in touch with the influential and authoritative groups from around the world for a long time in some way but I still haven’t had meetings in person. It is impossible to postpone, we have to contact. I may go places in the coming days. I may swing by some serious places. I may make some contacts that will benefit our country and our nation. Nobody should get excited, nor make noise for no reason. I have told this from the beginning.

| Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi