A kind of Göbekli Tepe…

Watch the video of the Asian man doing some kind of Göbekli Tepe without being fully aware of what he is doing…

Göbekli Tepe was nothing more than a small part of a highly developed mining operation/construction site. It was established to make some of the liquefied mines extracted from the ground easily accessible to UFO-style vehicles on the ground. In this video, liquefied mines were flowing in the water-flowing channels, Göbekli Tepe. The technology was so advanced that for such a temporary mining operation, there was no need to set up systems with steel joinery to make long labors and incur great expenses. They could make huge rocks into the shape they wanted in a short time and easily. They were able to transport these rocks in a short time, even if they were far away. The bottom of Göbekli Tepe is more important than the top… They have known and hidden for decades that parts of the underground in that region were built with very, very advanced technologies. Even these days, the important things found there are not left to Turkey; they are immediately sent to the USA, England, and Israel thanks to the official traitors.

Those who built and used Göbekli Tepe for the first time left traces and marks that can only be made with high science and technology, but other and more primitive tribes also used it for the next thousands of years. The simple and non-technological interventions made by the people of the later ages are explained and shown to the world’s humanity. The same trick is done for the pyramids. After those who built the pyramids with very high technology, people who did not have science and technology also used or intervened for a long time. Most of all, the so-called British scientists (always Satanists) deceived the world’s humanity about the pyramids from the very beginning. For about ten years, we have also broken the rules about Göbekli Tepe. We got the attention. So much so that despite the heavy censorship applied to our publications, we had Göbekli Tepe publications reaching hundreds of thousands of people in a concise time. These publications and the critical information we provided indirectly reached tens of millions of people. Its effect has been seen worldwide. Nowadays, the needle is turning towards us, towards the truth. While the international satanist deep state is writhing on the ground and is about to take its last breath, the lies about Göbekli Tepe are about to be destroyed… Even Göbekli Tepe shows that the history told to the world of humanity is full of lies; in the past much more advanced science and technology, science than in the present. It proves that there are epochs of morality, spirituality, and civilization and that the theory of evolution is a malicious project of hostility to religion and humanity, spread mainly through secret Jews and Satanists.

Effective and authoritative people, academics, members of the press, and even social media actors, who still call it a “Temple” when there is no concrete evidence that it is a temple, should be subject to investigations. It is necessary to determine whether they are members of an inhumane international satanist organization, the Ankebut Cult, and the members should be punished in the harshest way they deserve. It is also necessary to investigate whether the persons in question have anything to do with the masonic sect and whether they use the masonic organization to “act in an organized manner”. No group or organization/sect has the right to deceive the world’s humanity, distort scientific facts with lies and deceptions, enmity against religion and morality, and try to turn people into animals with no excuse. The people and organizations in question who want the material and moral disaster of not only a group of people or a nation but also all people in the world and who are constantly operating with lies, sedition, traps, bullying, injustice, prohibitions, censorship, murders and massacres for this purpose. Their destruction is one of the most fundamental duties of humanity.

Mfs – Ezber bozan – Akademi Dergisi

He knew it

This is how things are, they start with the Arab Spring, they never wait, but they end with the Turkish spring.

They see themselves as something superhuman, they want to do things that will continue for hundreds and thousands of years, to establish a new world order, they try to shape the whole world, but they collapse in a short time, they end, they give up. Who knew that Istanbul would destroy artificial springs and bring a real Turkish spring… Who knew that in such a short time, Istanbul could break all the games, and a new world order could be established…

Iblis… Iblis… He knew, he knew for sure, but he has been always deceiving both earthly and alien people and jinn tribes who were subordinate to him. He also knows what will happen next. He also knows what will happen to the USA, the UK, France, Greece, and the entire western world. He also knows that Turkey will become the center and the most powerful state in the world in a short time. He knows that thanks to Turkey, the world will turn into a paradise-like place, and he knows hundreds of projects to be made for the benefit of humanity. He also knows that the world will be a single state. He also knows that real human/world history will be known and learned by everyone. He also knows that evil, lies, deception, and satanism will have no place in the world.

Iblis has already been cast out of mercy. God gave him life and respite until the Day of Judgment… He is already cursed. There is no possibility of salvation for him. Before he goes to Hell and becomes the person who suffers the most severe torment forever, he looks at how many people and jinn he can take with him to Hell… He still acts with that arrogance, that stubbornness, that envy. Adam does not compromise his hostility towards our father and the sons of Adam.

Yes, this is perhaps one of my articles that will one day be the subject of documentaries to be shot years later… This is an article announcing the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. After that, an article declared that no one, especially Iblis, can reverse this course and that such a possibility no longer exists… The evil system on earth has collapsed. The Ankebut Cult has crashed. Everyone, everywhere, down to the alien side, collapsed. After that, there is the new world order based in Istanbul. There is also the “Alliance of the Helpless” who do not want to accept what has happened and want to resist Istanbul even for a short time, even though they know it is useless. In this new world order, in the Alliance of the Powers, there is faith, morality, humanity, goodness, brotherhood, solidarity, cooperation, happiness, justice, science, wisdom, health, high technology, and the space age. There is everything good. We have Hazrat Isa(PBUH). We have Hazrat Mahdi. All the true prophets from our father Adam to Muhammad Mustafa(PBUH) exist with their spirits. The world has never seen such an era of blasphemy, cruelty, savagery, ignorance, darkness, and perversion. It had never been this intense before. Now, this dark age is clearly breaking down day by day, hour by hour. From now on, there are great events in front of the humanity of the world one after the other.

This is how things are, some people’s spring ends, autumn comes, winter comes, some people’s long and hard winter ends, and spring comes. In Turkey, all over the world, astrologers and oracles have already seen everything. Even the Youtube and Twitter astrologers have already passed out. They didn’t give a clear name.

Let’s see who will name names for the first time and determine their place in history.

The second Dhul-Qarnayn era, the second Musa era, the second Süleyman era, the second Yusuf era, and the Jahjah/Kahtani era will be very beneficial for all humanity and even for future generations.

“Allegiance is for Allah.”

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Arm wrestling with Queen Elizabeth

In my dream, the Queen came to me. She has a man with me, unprotected, just like an assistant/helper. They are both extremely calm, not aggressive or ambitious. The Queen sat across from me at the table and arm-wrestled with me. It was one I’d never seen such a force in anyone before. I struggled a lot, but I didn’t give up and beat him in arm wrestling.

Then I also wanted to arm wrestle with the alien inside this bionic robot. This is the dream, there is a computer screen in front of me, and the alien in question is in the image on the screen. I arm wrestled him through the computer system and beat him too.

The bionic robot queen beside me said, “In two weeks, the whole world will listen to you, not me, in financial/financial matters. It will suit you.”

The assistant next to him was a man who appeared to be 55 years old. With years of knowledge and experience and staying calm, he was trying to save something, doing diplomacy, but it was useless.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya |Akademi Dergisi

“What will happen next?” “Those who meet these conditions exist in Istanbul.

If they don’t…”