I said it would be like this, I’ll say more

For a few days, military planes could not be flown, and today hundreds of civilian passenger planes cannot fly. Thousands of their pilots have been hit, and their planes are constantly breaking down. As the number of technical personnel, vehicles, devices, and institutions that have problems with each passing day will increase, giant problems will arise in other parts as well. Information systems will also collapse in the coming days. Servers and databases will be damaged. Power stations will stop. Their submarines will sink. Private companies will fall into as miserable situations as public institutions. The damage will not be so small that it can be calculated immediately.

There will be fires and collapses in all places in the country where money is made, as well as in all places where people are ruthlessly slaughtered, worshiping the Devil, rituals, and spells. The whole world will see more clearly whether the United States of America is a “superpower” or an “inflated balloon” by Jews, masons, and Satanists. The whole world will see the power of the Turk. The whole world will see where the smoky brain operation will go.

The USA, which insists on standing in front of Istanbul, and the USA, which is the ‘hands-free tong’ to the Queen, will continue to pay a heavy price. Those who dare to confront me in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Cyprus, the Aegean islands, or the mainland of Greece, whether it is the United States, England, Israel, Russia, or China, whether all these I will bury it in its dark pages. I will show the whole world that they will kneel even in the metaphysical war part. Then I will march against them with my armies. I would not recommend at all that civilians in these countries prefer aircraft at this time.

I will see who is imprisoning, exploiting, assimilating, stealing their taxes, making them look at more than 10 million dishonorable free-riders in the Turk’s homeland. The hand that reaches the right of this nation, whether it is a freemason reaching the religion, customs, customs and morals of this nation, whether it is Jewish, Russian, Chinese, American, English, German, whether it is whoever’s the hand I’m going to cut off those hands to show them off. I will rip out the internal organs of those who interfere in the internal affairs of this country from their mouth, and then I will circulate their carcasses in the squares.

I hereby declare it to the whole world. In a day or two at most, Turkey and its surroundings will be very mixed. The Turkish nation will rise. It will start from the treacherous government, and continue from the people who preferred to be an officer of the government instead of being a military officers, in the army, in the police force, in the judicial authorities, and then all of them, up to the supposed diplomatic representatives of foreign countries here, will be detained, collected and taken, or a bullet will be given to those who resist.

Not a single person from the so-called refugees will be left within our borders. We will fire those who are supposedly given citizenship from the very beginning. Even though I don’t want it to be so, tens of thousands of people will surely die. There will be no discrimination against Syrian, Afghans, Pakistani or African. There will not be a NATO base, a US base, or even a NATO radar on these lands. It’s my word to tell… Whoever wants it should respect it and do what is necessary. Anyone can do what they want. It came up to our throats and overflowed. Let the traitors who are afraid of their lives reach the Queen immediately. Let’s see how we will take these traitors, black money makers, rapists, child and women smugglers, organists, drug smugglers, stalkers…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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