They’re floundering and they’re dangerous

The Ankara government, and especially Tayyip, under the command of Israel, England, and the USA, in a state of treason against the homeland and nation, lost their control. There is an uncontrolled, indecisive, faltering Ankara government that could threaten Turkey’s national security. There is an Ankara government that has a very high number of deficits, is constantly threatened by this or that, and is blackmailed. This disgraceful and low state of these may put Turkey in danger.

We will not loosen our attention, our precaution, even for a moment. Even before the Ankara government is completely overthrown, we may have to go beyond it and make interventions in the field by state institutions and even our army. We may even have to make such interventions in Syria.

We’ve already cut Israel’s aorta. While trying not to show this, they also want great and painful events to occur against our nation and state in Turkey or Syria. In case of such attempts by Israel, England, or the USA, which can affect the Turkish state system mostly through secret Jews, secret Armenians, and secret Freemasons, decisions that go beyond the Ankara government as a requirement of law, as a requirement of ensuring our national security, and We will intervene.

As always in every subject, I am extremely sincere and determined in this matter. The field should always be ready for this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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