The bomb


AKPKK, MHPKK, MIT, Masonic organization in Turkey…

In addition, Israel, the USA, the UK states, and most of all their secret services…

As individuals, Adnan Oktar, Oktar Babuna, Devlet Bohçalı, Solomon Soysuz, Abdülhamid Gül, Recep Tayyip and Meral Akşener…

You are looking at a bomb that will explode at the same time, one after another, thousands of masons and crypto-ID civil servants working in judicial and administrative institutions.

It is such a bomb that if it explodes, it will have an effect like a nuclear bomb. From the center point to the outermost ring, it will destroy whoever and everything. The people of the world will be stunned by what is revealed.

What kind of system actually works in Turkey and the world…
How Muslim Turks are wasted by the treacherous governments in Turkey, by our state institutions… What is the state of the courts, courthouses, prisons, and even hospitals… The real parallel state system within our state system… The human and organ smuggling of this real parallel state… Prostitution, drug trafficking, terrorism, arms smuggling, and all kinds of filth… It will be revealed to everyone.

Similar bombs will explode in dozens of countries, especially in the USA, Israel, England, Germany, France, and Italy, governments will be overthrown, freemasons will be exposed and huge fires will continue all over the world. The Ankebut Cult, which is already on the verge of collapsing, will completely ignite, and it will not have the strength to put out this fire.

And the pin of this bomb is in my hand right now. The conditions of the field will decide when exactly I will pull the pin of this bomb, which I am about to pull the pin off at any moment.

“I’m going down the field,” I said. I have delayed it many times. I said, “They don’t understand, the whole world will be confused,” but as I warned them, they didn’t understand, they didn’t listen, and this time, these conditions have come. It was entirely their choice.

I’m goind down the field. I am not responsible for anything that burns, collapses, gets bored, hangs, sinks, ends, collapses, dies, or anything. Let the world burn, if I hesitate for a second I am not Mfs.

Mehmet Fahri Patlayankaya | Akademi Dergisi

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