Syria will be same as it was before

The world won’t be the same

Turkish forces will be completely withdrawn from Syria until 15 July 2022 TSI 20:00. Until then, there will be no Turkish officer, soldier, informer, administrative officer who is not allowed by the Syrian state (Esad regime) to stay in the borders of Syria which is a free state.

If they stay, after that time Syrian army or Russian army or in alliance with both, they will be able to destroy any Turkish elements left there. It doesn’t matter if they are in military or administrative position. They can arrest them and trial them if they wish. It’s their own choice. This is a matter of justice to attack them in retaliation because of they are the actors of a divisive action against the integrity of Syria’s borders.

Other than that, Syrian government has right to give the same respond to those who entered the border of Syria without permission. If they do this, it will benefit to Turkey and Turkey/Istanbul (Istanbul Administration) will provide all the necessary support for Syria government to do this.

Turkey and Syria should and will become two neighboring and brotherly countries as soon as possible. By this means, many of Turkey’s huge problems will be solved immediately, and especially the so-called refugees, who have exceeded ten million, will be immediately expelled from our country.

Those who stand against this will should receive the response they deserve, even if they are Turkish citizens with military or political identity/attribution. Even if there are news that thousands of Turkish citizens (including the soldiers) were killed within the borders of Syria in just one day, I will not be disturbed by it. The fact that those who betrayed their homeland, those who worked for the Greater Israel Project (so-called Greater Middle East), and those who still work for a criminal and terrorist organization like AKPKK, whose existence and causes have been clearly visible for 20 years, carry a Turkish identity does not clear their crimes and do not provide them with legal immunity.

During the official visit of the Russian delegation to Turkiye tomorrow, these issues should be discussed and resolved openly. It is my primary preference to ensure that Turkiye withdraws completely from Syria through mutual agreements, without experiencing sad events and loss of life. Otherwise, the deceased dies, the rest is ours.

In the meantime, it would be in the interests of both Turkiye and China that the Chinese President Xi pays a visit to Istanbul. If he wants to come, Xi will be very well welcomed. If China, as a whole with its administrators and businessmen, pays attention to our sensitivities and supports our rights/interests in and around Turkey, new opportunities will be created for Chinese businessmen in and around Turkey.

Thus, thanks to the support of Istanbul, China and Russia will not be caught in the financial storm that will blow around the world very soon, and they will not have been seriously damaged when the countries and holdings that are thought to be the world’s giants are devastated, and they may even be strengthened. Yes, we’re back to where we begin. The world should no longer be the old world as it was before. Russia and China should no longer stand in their old erroneous stances. Now that luck is on their side once again, this time they must make the right decisions “sincerely” and in a way that can be trusted. They should learn from their mistakes. They should earn as much as they earn.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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