It’s all over, hitherward

All the terrorist elements, all the looting, and black money elements under the control of Tayyip in Syria should know that Tayyip collapsed. Tayyip and his gang will try to save themselves by leaving the said terrorist elements in Syria in the middle. They took this decision. Biden, the CIA, France, Germany, and even the Queen collapsed. Everyone is in a hurry to save themselves. “Tayyip is out of my hands, Turkey is out of my hands,” the Queen sighs and grumbles.

Those who saw the betrayal tell us; that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is working for Israel

Even those in the Queen’s inner circle began to struggle to avoid being judged and to keep their money and companies in existence. Everyone is playing tricks on each other, but they all know each other’s true faces and intentions. They also know what situation they are in right now, and how they are pretending and deceiving each other.

The top cadres may not be put in the mouth for now, but the terrorists and black moneyers working for them in Syria have come to the end of the road. Their fate will be as disastrous as they deserve.

Syrian borders will return to their borders before the so-called Arab spring. Apart from the Syrian and Russian soldiers, there will be no soldiers of any other country, no terrorist organization, no terrorist leader, no supposed pile-up houses, and observation points. The joint Syrian-Russian military forces will hit everywhere from the briquettes to the houses. There will be no invasion and terror elements on land, and not even a kite from a country that is not allowed by the Syrian government will fly in the airspace. All states will respect Syria’s sovereign rights.

I’m pulling my army out of there quickly and everything is here. Hell, on the other hand, is still very empty and there is a place in hell for all the terrorists who are left unattended within the borders of Syria right now.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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