Thick-headed terrorists, traitors

All the obtuse people who serve the Queen and betray this state and nation should understand that the Turkish Armed Forces will not operate anywhere unless the Istanbul Government allows it.

Our army will not make any moves in the interests of Britain, Israel, the USA, or any other country. Against the background of buffer zone claims, our military will not establish a second Israel anywhere. It will not be a tool for black money works anywhere. Our army will not receive instructions from infiltrated Masonic officers.

If someone’s purpose is to actually prevent and end terrorism, then the main terrorists go beyond the limit every day. This state, which did not first clean up the terrorists on the political scene, in the so-called political parties, in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, at the state and army levels, is carrying out operations for what purpose. These outbursts, made as if to make fun of the intelligence of the masses, are nothing but declaring “I am one of the same terrorists”.

I don’t know if the Queen is sending such hard-headed people like İbrahim Kalın to the Ankara government selectively and deliberately, but those who are against us are exceeding their limits. They are pushing the limits of our patience. Those who do not care for the will of the Turkish nation, the Turkish army, and especially Istanbul by the order of the Queen, are crushed under the boots.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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