Must be returned immediately

Public funds of the Russian Federation and property of Russian citizens were illegally confiscated. It was clearly hijacked. Although this was clearly visible, states/authorities and NGOs who talked about human rights, the rule of law, freedoms, and international law forty times a day, kept silent. This process went down in history as a black page again. It became a manifestation and a picture of how malicious the Western world is in its claims and discourses, that it has double standards, and that they reject the values they impose on others.

The same unlawfulness has been exhibited under the umbrella of the United States of Europe (EU). Under the roof of this organization, crimes of looting, extortion, and theft were committed many times. What Europe really is, which is imposed on us Turks as “an example of civilization, justice, art, science, and technology”, is once again clearly revealed.

Law requires people to correct these injustices without losing any time. Rights should be returned to right holders, and material and moral damages caused should be compensated. Leaders who commit crimes of extortion and looting at the international level with the power of the institutions of the states they lead, and the organized crime gangs they lead, namely their governments, should be tried in international courts.

Real leaders, real governments, do not break the law for any excuse, they do not commit crimes of theft, looting, or murder, and they do not operate.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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