Black money process

What is being carried out with Armenia is not the normalization process. It is a process of black money and betrayal as it is carried out with many other states/governments… It is a process that is against the Turkish nation, the Armenian nation, and the humanity of the world. Human trafficking, organ trafficking, smuggling of tiny babies, and trafficking of little girls and young women in the process of drug trafficking. This is a truth that stands before the eyes of anyone who wishes to see it. Those who are partners in the crimes in this process from various countries and those who want to be are clearly in sight. It is also known that Pashinyan and his gang are involved in these works and that they will receive their commissions from the vehicles used in black money transactions that will pass through that so-called corridor and from the works that will return there. This is the reason for the deep silence of all those parties who, if something were to happen in favor of the Turks, immediately stood up and tried to disrupt it from the very beginning. It is because they know that this will not be a real Turkish corridor it will be a black money corridor, and many of them are partners in these inhumane works.

We tied the hands and arms of the traitors who were put to the head of Turkey by the Ankebut Cult and will soon take them down and hang them in public places. The Armenian nation and our Turkish brothers in Azerbaijan must do the same right now. This region must now find peace. They must get rid of those human demons who are deceiving people in an organized way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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