MFS Statement

1- It has been revealed that Turkey is governed by the Istanbul government, not the Ankara government.

2- It has been shown to friends and foes that from now on, the Turkish army will only be in the service of Turkey and the Turkish nation and will not be a tool in the plans of Turkish enemies.

3- The determination of the Istanbul government and our army to solve Turkey’s problems at the center of the problems continues. However, while this is being done, the Queen, Biden who worships her and the like will never be allowed. Turkey is no longer an undeclared colonial country.

4- The Turkish army will never use force against the friendly and brotherly Syrian army unless it unlawfully uses force against it. We will always be vigilant against the insidious plans and traps of the Turkish/Islamic enemies. 

5- Our army will do whatever it takes to remove other armies in the region from the US/NATO control. Our army will be the means of security, stability, and justice in the region. For this purpose, first of all, NATO and USA bases in our country will be closed immediately and an exemplary stance will be displayed. No intervention will be held back to close the US and NATO bases that surround us.

6- It has once again come into view that one of the main reasons for Turkey’s and the region’s chronic problems is Israel, which is supposedly established in our occupied lands. One of the main reasons for the problems in our country and our region is the desire to make this so-called state the Greater Israel State, and to pursue a completely unlawful project called the Greater Middle East Project (BOP-GMEI) for this purpose.

7- It has been demonstrated that people with crypto IDs, who are fighting for the interests of Israel and the BOP(GMEI), must be removed from our army and other institutions of our state immediately.

8- It is imperative that the so-called refugees, who have been brought to our country and kept in our country against the will of our nation, with the betrayal of these people and the instructions of the foreign powers in question, be deported collectively as soon as possible. This is a matter of national security.

9- It is obvious that the Ankara government, which is taking instructions from the Turkish enemies inside and outside the country, is in a deadlock, will be thrown away, and will disintegrate very quickly from now on. This treacherous mob, this illegitimate government will never be allowed to disperse our country along with them, and every precaution will always be taken to prevent any security vacuum.

10- A steely willpower will be displayed among the officers in our army and civil servants in our state institutions so that those who belong to the Masonic sects and missionary sects will be purged and put on trial as soon as possible.

11- From now on, our army will fight more effectively to prevent all kinds of black money transactions, including human, organ, and drug smuggling carried out in or around Turkey. will never allow crimes against humanity, and will act in sync with the security forces to neutralize the enemies of humanity who are doing these things in the field. With the encouragement and even encouragement of the Ankara government, and with the instructions of the Masonic cults, the members of the army involved in these matters will be immediately identified and prosecuted.

12- In our country, unlawfulness against Turkish/Islamic elements in the neighboring countries will not be tolerated and necessary interventions will be made. Including all of our occupied lands, especially our occupied lands such as south Azerbaijan, north Iraq, Cyprus, and the Aegean islands, into the homeland will be one of our priority issues.

Akademi Dergisi | Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya

Don’t you panic

Your queen is busy pulling her hair and shouting “I’m losing”. When the crisis passes, he will see his surroundings and the world field more clearly. Then she will look for ways to help all of you if he hasn’t gone through another and bigger crisis.

In addition, as in Turkey, there is no government left in the USA. Still, the US/NATO side also prepared a “help list”. They lined you all up. If they can find any way out, they will take turns helping you out. Let them save their own heads first, then they will help you, whichever of you will start.

Whatever happens, don’t lose hope. I’d like to say, “Beg your demon father,” but we’re striking him hard these days, too. His own trouble comes first.

Here, grit your teeth. Surely something will happen. Just don’t lose hope.

We’ll start the bombardment

On the Ukrainian front, we will start bombarding all the political and military elements against the Russians with metaphysical techniques as of Thursday, May 26, 2022, at 14:00.

I’m really tired of the arrogance and slyness of this swamped West, their efforts to fix me even in my country, and their trying to play tricks on me with their brains like chickpeas and decisions. Every time I say, “They can’t be that stupid”, but every time I have to deal with a new stupidity, I have to waste time. I don’t enjoy such processes at all. I am also very tired of the so-called refugees in my country. I’m so tired of deliberately creating a food crisis, causing a high cost of living, destroying agriculture and livestock, and still stealing even our taxes and everything.

There are a thousand and one ways to put this Queen and her pawns in their place, but for now, this operation, which will be limited to metaphysics on the Ukrainian front, can turn into a struggle on the actual field at any moment. At any moment, it can spread to other fronts in very different parts of the world. There has been a question mark in the minds, let me explain this part. I quietly overthrew Tayyip. Yes, there is no longer any need to launch a clearly visible coup against the AKPKK and the collusive opposition in Turkey. Even the narrowest people understand what I mean when they see the events that will happen one after the other, up to two weeks.

Wide-ranging people in the world have once again seen in Turkey and its immediate surroundings the Queen does not pull the strings, but me. In many different parts of the world, it is necessary to show them in a more understandable way that my word, not the Queen, is influential, and we are doing it, and we will.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Nothing has changed

I have written most clearly before that the Taiwan issue is not our issue. We don’t care at all what happens to Taiwan. From the date I wrote that article, there has been no change in the balance for us on this issue. Therefore, our decision has not changed. We are not on the Chinese side in this matter. If we have to take sides, we want China to be the winner against Taiwan.

We do not know what will happen in the future, and how the balances will change, but for now, this is our stance on this issue and it is very clear. In the Ukraine issue, I was the one who wanted the Russians to crush Ukraine from the very beginning. As of now, I am in the same decision. The Russians have no choice but to resolve the Ukraine issue militarily. Turning the current war into a very comprehensive war does not and will not disturb us. It would not be a problem for us if China is on the side of the Russians in the Ukraine issue.

In fact, if the Chinese side makes concessions from its unnecessary obsessions and pays attention to our sensitivities, we will even support China in the Taiwan issue. We can support China not only on the Taiwan issue but also on other issues in the region. We even have a stance that wants China to prevail against Japan and South Korea. We can change many things even by just giving metaphysical support from a distance, the world has no doubt about it, but we can give much, much more than metaphysical support. We can change many militaries, and political and commercial decisions in the world, and stop many developments/movements against China. The power of Istanbul is now unquestionably in sight…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Our fingers have a stiff

Is there no one in this Turkey who is ready to die for Israel?

What kind of Jews you are, your ancestors would spit in your faces if they saw you?

Come on, don’t be afraid, get out and try your last moves to bring your Greater Israel project back from the dead. Try to bring our army into the war in Syria with lies and deception? Can’t you send it? Is it okay, can’t you dare to die?

Do you know that we will fire our bullets at you, not at the people of Aleppo, who are ninety percent Sunni Muslims, not against our brother and fellow Syrian army soldiers? You know we’re going to stick our canons in your eyes? Do you know that we can wipe your so-called state called Israel off the map with that anger?

The statelet of Israel is bleeding. They are in despair. The fake superpower USA doesn’t even want to be seen. Austin can’t do anything but punch the tables, call here and there and angrily hang up. Biden is already ineffective. European Statelets Union (EU) “We don’t even have weapons and ammunition. Don’t take us into account.” makes a statement. You are in a fix.

Isn’t there one among you, “I will spoil this course, I am one of the secret Jews who are a brave heart. Turkey is under our control. We are still strong. I will bring the Turkish army into Syria for the benefit of Israel. I do not know the will of Istanbul. I can dance with bullets.” can anyone say?

Let’s step forward. Our fingers have a stiff being alert…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi