Let no one doubt

I would definitely not recommend that businessmen in Turkey open up to Russia and make commercial agreements with the Russians before it is clear whether the administration of Russia will be single-headed and whether Lavrov and his gang can be knocked out of the game.

In these days when a political storm is blowing around the world with each passing day, if Russia will not come to the stand that it should stop as soon as possible, if it will not get rid of Lavrov and his gang, no one should doubt that it will soon remain a penniless state in a tiny piece of land. . Anyone who has played on Russia will have lost big.

Besides, no matter how Russia stands, in any case, the hotly-conflicted part of the 3rd world war will happen soon. Biological attacks and viruses produced in laboratories will follow.
Climates will continue to be manipulated and artificial disasters will continue to be made with electromagnetic weapons. Considering these facts, it is not wise to invest in the tourism field.

Considering these facts, it is not wise to invest in tourism, clothing, shopping and entertainment sectors. The most logical investment, now and in the near future, is to enter the agriculture and stockbreeding business in the right countries/regions. To be the pillar of food. Because soon, food may be as valuable as gold.

Those who can grow a very high amount of agricultural crops without being affected by sudden changing abnormal weather conditions and without being affected by biological attacks, and those who raise animals by feeding them healthy on this occasion, will gain a lot.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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