My wind blows according to a helpful person

There are alien parties among those who cannot understand some of the decisions I have made in recent days. There is nothing to understand. These are the issues that I have been talking about again and again from the beginning. Those who travel quickly under the wind that I blow, even the hurricane, and those who inflict heavy blows on their enemies or opponents, whether they are aliens or earthlings, cannot go far. They cannot get very far, whether they are a government or a conglomerate, a congregation or a cult.

How many times have I explained? My sensitivities will be taken into account. They have to agree with me. Agreements will be adhered to. No one will do anyone wrong. No one will say, “Only I will win”. Everyone must not only know how to win but also make others win. Both materially, morally, and politically, the contracted parties will gain each other. Those who say, “I’ll make my way around the corner, without meeting MFS, without agreeing with him,” will be let down. When they say, “It’s done, okay… Now we’re going to be huge”, they are surprised at what they’ve been through.

We will work harder than anyone else, but others will win. There is no such world… Yes, we do not fight for material values, but we do not and do not give what is our right to anyone. Those who want to travel with my wind by saying “Only we will win” until today, look how they are these days. If they do, I will soon strengthen even some of the sides that I sink because they persistently make mistakes and always try to win themselves, and I will also sink some other sides that need to go down through them.

No one can win without making an agreement with Istanbul and sticking to its agreement. They can’t be in the winners’ club either. They cannot take place in the Istanbul-based new world order either.

Mehmet Fahri Batırankaya | Akademi Dergisi

Anyone who wants to be part of NATO shall not delay joining NATO right away!

Come on! The ones who want to join NATO, should join immediately, they should take their seats. Whoever is leaving should leave NATO as soon as possible. We will not wait long. We will quickly bury this NATO, which has been in a state of brain death for a long time, which was recently unplugged, even shrouded, ready to be buried. We will strike the final blows immediately.

I made it clear from the very beginning. We don’t even care who joins or leaves NATO. We don’t get hung up on these issues. Whoever else is left, let them choose their ranks immediately.

Within NATO, there is NATO. There are NATO members united against Turkey, which is a NATO member. NATO exists on paper, but in practice, it has already disintegrated. We will soon make military interventions in several NATO member countries, especially the USA. All of these will be military interventions by the law, international law, and the law of war. We will do it to ensure and/or preserve babies, children, women, girls, lives, property, mines, taxes, fundamental rights, and freedoms. How many times have we warned them, given deadlines, they have not understood? There are still US and NATO elements in and around Turkey. There are still efforts to keep even our occupied islands in Greece. While doing this, they do not give any noteworthy response, but they give a standing ovation for three minutes and cry for three hours on the sofa or at the table. They are already disgraced to the world.

This is the world of politics, despite the state of NATO, even though we are enough on our own, why shouldn’t we support Russia or even China against NATO? Why not speed up this process, which we will emerge victorious even on our own, and make it even easier. Why don’t we confuse the world balances even more? I always said that no matter how much chaos and confusion there is, it all works for us. Our issue is not just NATO or the USA, we want to break up the Ankebut Cult as a whole, and the confusion is making them into more difficult situation. We won’t be surprised if we soon see them begging in front of places of temples. They are so broke and powerless.

Before or after Sweden and Finland joined NATO, it doesn’t matter… If Russia enters a war that is part of NATO or joins NATO in some way… It doesn’t matter whether the Russian side starts the war or the other side/parties start it… Under those conditions, we will support the Russian side.

For example, if Russia declares war on Sweden, Finland, or Poland, or if she declares war on all of them, even if the sides start the war themselves, we will not be pro-NATO, pro-Western, or pro-Europe. Simultaneously, we will go against many NATO members, especially the USA and Greece. We are not and will not be pro-Russian. But the enemy of my enemy will benefit me, and I will benefit it.

Whatever country in the world stands against NATO, even if it is a country we are hostile to, we will support them. We will postpone our issues with them as much as possible.

We said, “We don’t interfere,” but we didn’t say, “We won’t reciprocate.” Our opinions and stance on NATO have been very clear from the very beginning. Even if Russia or China continue to collude, or if different decisions are taken due to different factors within Russia and China, we will go our way. We will also strike the final blows to NATO.

There is very little time left for a world without America and NATO.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi