It ends where it doesn’t work

I do not have any connection, agreement, or contract with Ümit Özdağ and his surroundings. I supported, and still do because we are of the same opinion on some of the country’s issues because their struggle on those issues is for the benefit of the country/nation and even humanity. For this purpose, I ensure that he stays on the field and that no stones can be placed in his path. Otherwise, I do not agree with the majority of his ideas, beliefs, speeches, and goals. I used to disagree, and even years ago I wrote my opinions about him clearly and in a few lines.

His insistence on acting on an ideological basis that has not benefited anyone other than crypto-Jews has already collapsed and is unlikely to stand up again… In fact, his useless ideological obsessions get stronger as he can move forward very, very quickly… As if he still has not realized the difference between Islamists and real Muslims. His behavior… The fact that he still unnecessarily spreads beliefs, views, and ideas that keep Muslims away from him… His unwillingness to get out of those narrow molds that he cannot appeal to the majority of the society… He’s not standing upright against Bohçalı and the like, as he stands before others, even though he has just had the opportunity… Other troubles… All these are entirely their own decisions….

He has not made a promise to anyone, and we have not made any promises to anyone. It goes as far as it goes, if it doesn’t, it ends where it is blocked. You shouldn’t worry too much about it.

However, no one should ignore the enormous benefits and support that the Akademi, our gigantic struggle, provided them. It is very important not to depart from realistic evaluations and to show loyalty… Those who can’t do this have a short way, they can’t go far. A person should be fair and loyal even to his enemies.

By the way, that Sedat Peker is completely garbage now. He has never used the opportunities presented to him, nor will he ever. He has nothing to do, nor can he do. Whoever has a problem with Sedat Peker is their problem with Sedat Peker. It doesn’t concern us at all.

Mehmet Fahri Rahatkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Waste of time

Turkey will not prevent any country from joining NATO. Even Russia and China can join NATO if they want, even if that happens, we will not be bothered by that.

A NATO or any international organization without Turkey is like a headless body. It’s useless, it can’t stand, it can’t move forward. It cannot be a threat to anyone.

That Turkey is no longer a de facto member of NATO… It will officially leave NATO as soon as possible… It will enter into war with a few countries, especially Greece and the USA, which continue their hostile attitude towards Turkey despite being a NATO member, that these wars are inevitable… Knowing that these events will benefit Russia and China, Putin announced that they would not be against Finland and Sweden becoming NATO members, a decision/movement that surprised many in the world.

That’s what had to happen, he made the right decision, albeit very late. Even the discussions about NATO are futile and a waste of time. There is no de facto organization called NATO. Most of the NATO members have sunk and a few of them have even drawn their swords at each other… Despite they will count us as NATO members, our islands and ancient lands will be occupied, we will not be able to sail even three steps to the sea, we will bear the impertinence of the Greeks every day, and bear the head of various terrorist organizations in our south. We will see that they are crowned and supported by all kinds of weapons and what more… Then we will remain members of NATO, right? Is it a matter of reason or logic? We are not members of NATO and we will not only take back our usurped rights, lands, and islands, but also destroy the organizations and camps that were established and supported against us, and the statelets that were used as simple plows and pampered against us.

Let no one interfere. Let the doors be wide open, all countries that do not want to exist in the world of the near future or do not want to be strong should join NATO. Let it be left to its fate, this is a vain, garbage organization that is intended to be operated as if it makes fun of even human intelligence, ignoring even the most basic logical rules. Useless discussions about NATO in Turkey and discussions about increasing votes or changing the agenda are also getting boring. These must not even be Turkey’s issues. It must not even be on the agenda.

Instead, the situation of NATO, what it has done to Turkey and the whole Turkish/Islamic world to this day, the real/brutal faces of western countries and their current deplorable state should be discussed. Human, organ, and drug trafficking through NATO and US bases should be discussed. It should be discussed why these black money bases, US and NATO bases are still kept on our soil. The fact that the West, whose black money and exploitation systems have been undermined to a great extent, has already sunk should be transparently shown to the Turkish nation.

Mehmet Fahri Batırankaya | Akademi Dergisi