It’s still the same movie, the same trick…

It is not clear what is being sent to space, and what will happen to whom.
The year is 2022, but the words Moon and nuclear are still in the news together. How many people know what is going on in the background… Even if not only the USA, but all the states in the world allied together with their powers and technologies, they can do nothing to the Moon and the people on the Moon.

The first time the USA tried to go to the Moon, it was like hitting a wall. Then it looked for ways to drop nuclear bombs on the Moon, one after the other. This was later leaked to the press and the media. The situation in Soviet Russia was no different from the United States. They also hit the wall. Then the USA and Russia wanted to act jointly on the Moon projects. They carried out some secret joint projects. Instead of sending spacecraft and astronauts, they were able to send satellites to orbit the Moon and robots to land on the Moon’s surface. From that day until today, they have always exhibited strange attitudes and decisions and wanted to hide the shocking facts about the Moon. There were shocking broadcasts about why they stayed so far from the Moon, and even some famous movies were made. In some documentary works prepared in the last few years, the gigantic military facilities on the Moon, the towers kilometers high, and the satellite dishes kilometers in diameter have been told based on concrete evidence. Thus, the points that I have been telling for years have been confirmed by their concrete proofs and the statements of high-ranking retired officers from the US Army.

Influential and authoritative people in the USA and Russia learned at that time that the Moon is an artificial planet, that Muslims dominate the Moon, that science and technology are very, very advanced there, and that they do not interfere with anything in our world unless it is necessary…

As I have written for years, there is no religious permission to make interventions that will disrupt the testing process of the humanity of this world. Muslim elements on the moon are not allowed to make these interventions. If that had been allowed, neither the Greens, Grays, USA, Russia, China, Satanists, black money makers, organ traffickers, forced prostitution, NASA, or NATO would remain in this world. In just two days, they’d make it all history. In doing so, perhaps they would not have suffered any casualties.
I have been writing since years ago that the Moon is an artificial planet and there are layers to it. Many world people have left the world there. There are even scholars and virtuous people. There are also Muslims among the human species of other worlds. There is no racism there, there is no ignorance there, and there is no grudge and hatred. There is no unjust bloodshed there. There is no colonialism there. Iblis is not mentioned there. There is real humanity there, there is happiness, and there is peace. There is the use of science and technology for the benefit of humanity. There is common humanity, a common civilization.

Members of the Ankebut Cult have made millions of false news and statements so far. This is the truth that they have not been able to tell the world for more than half a century, and they do not want to tell… They are still squirming. At that time, they franticly discussed sending nuclear bombs to the Moon and detonating it, but they soon realized how ridiculous they had been with these thoughts and accepted. They admitted that they were not even as good as an ant against an elephant. Some of them came out from time to time and spoke to the press and media, saying, “If they were enemies to us, we would have been destroyed”, but they did not tell the rest of what they knew.

Still, we often hear the news that the words Moon and nuclear are used together. When we look at the news by saying, “What is it, what is going on”, we see ideas about establishing a nuclear power plant on the Moon, projects aimed at ensuring that rockets that will go to the Moon will be nuclear-powered rockets, and often the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Office (DARPA)… We read or listen to and watch tales, and lies, as if everything was very peaceful, everything was done with pure and even angelic intentions, as if everything was being done or will be done for the benefit of humanity.

How can we trust the satanic elements that have been telling tales/lies about the Moon, Mars, our solar system, and space as a whole for more than fifty years and still trying to continue this with an inter-state organized activity?

They could not and cannot attack the Moon with nuclear bombs or rockets. Nor can they establish a settlement area on the Moon. They are so afraid that they have not been able to send astronauts to the Moon again for decades. They remain so cowardly and timid in the face of the Moon, in the face of those on the Moon. So what are they doing with all these nuclear projects? Who can guarantee that one of the things they call a nuclear rocket will not fall on the top of a country/city they are targeting, killing hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent civilians when they want to? In 1945, the USA, which was asked to become a superpower by the Masons/Jews, had done this before the eyes of the world, why not now?

Years ago, I wrote that NASA was in a quagmire, in a crisis that could not even build its rocket engine, and that’s why certain companies wanted to be put ahead of NASA. I have written for years that those companies are not doing well either, because the USA is in a quagmire, and Elon Musk and his companies are overrated. Nowadays, companies in the USA are also about to kick their feet in common terms. When the USA, which has been introduced to the world as a super power with the press and media activities, and which is showing its last struggles these days not to stand up, without hesitation, when the USA is trying to become a so-called superpower. Who can guarantee that he will not do what he has done again, or even more violently, before he leaves the stage? It is necessary to be very careful until the certain states that the Ankebut Cult uses to exploit, murder, and turn the world into hell are destroyed. The states in question have used even the International space station in an alliance to the detriment of humanity all this time. They used it in artificial drought and famine projects in the world, in projects to send drought signals to the world from space. They also used it as part of the system they used to make artificial earthquakes, floods, storms, typhoons, and tornadoes. They also used it as part of the system they used to collectively exercise mind control over the people of a country or region. What do those states that have done this even through the most visible space station, in this process where they are struggling not to collapse….

The alliances established, controlled, and controlled by the Ankebut Cult, including the United Nations and NATO, are long gone. A new international alliance must be established. A new supervisory agency affiliated with this alliance should be established immediately. It should be prevented that any state in the world, especially the USA, China, and Russia, can send whatever they want to space according to their minds. Independent controllers, acting on behalf of humanity, should be able to control whether the things that are sent to space are things that will harm humanity. Sending weapons and strategic weapons to space should be banned as a common and final decision of humanity. Countries that are not included in this international organization and do not allow independent and transparent inspections should see the necessary attitudes, pressures, and embargoes from all countries of the world, even the USA, China, and Russia. If necessary for the protection of humanity, these countries should be declared unanimous war. The alliance in question should also cancel the tales told about space and tell the realities of space to the world of humanity as soon as possible. This is one of the most fundamental rights of humanity.

Now, honest, honest scientists, ideas, education, religions, and politicians of this world must unite against the deception and misinformation of the world’s humanity by acting in an organized manner. This hatred of humanity, these games, these lies, these movie pinwheels are boring now…

I am always ready to do my bit to ensure that the said international organization and auditing institution can be established as soon as possible and that freemasons, Satanists, and people who are caught up in various anti-human tendencies do not infiltrate its employees.

Now, a new world order must be established in which hostility to humanity and its enemies does not dominate.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Don’t England run away, come to the mat

I invite England to the mat. Don’t waste its time with its hatchet men. Let’s not distract us with her dogs and pups. Let England go against us. We do not want to deal with England’s hatchets in Iraq, Syria, South Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, or elsewhere.

Come on, right now, before the eyes of the whole world, England will come face to face with the Turkish tiger, and as a result, England will be recorded in the dark pages of history.

The time has come for the world to get rid of the center of evil called “England”, the home of Satanists, the nest of sedition and terror, the center of colonialism, the center of usury, and the center of theft. Plain and simple tongs that do not burn hands cannot save England much time. England must not flee the field, run away from conflict, act cowardly, and be on the mat immediately.
As the deadlines I have given are over, I will throw the carcass of Greece, one of its tongs, at the door of England. I’m going to throw it with a big bang and a rest. From that moment on, will he wrestle on the run and waste time with its simple curlers? I will also throw the carcasses of Biden and Kamala at the gates of England. I’ll throw in dozens more.

Fear is of no use to death, from now on there is no challenge for England in this world.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

It’s a grave betrayal.

While not all metal music makers are Satanists, the overwhelming majority of them are Satanists. Metal music movement is a way that attracts people to satanism. Kpop is also not a legitimate/innocent music movement. No one in Turkey can and will not be given the freedom of being a faggot. The betrayals and persecutions aimed at making Turkey a faggot with state power, the secret alliance of AKPKK, CHPKK, and the like, have collapsed with our recent interventions.

Music that leads to terrorist organizations and terrorism is also not innocent and legitimate. Young people may not know the shocking facts of life. they may not know the real faces of people, their ability to pretend, their sneakiness, and the techniques used by various secret organizations that are hostile to humanity/morality in the world. Elders and governments have the right and responsibility to make choices and prohibitions on their behalf. Arabesque music, even boxing, should be banned by all governments of the world. Not only music movements but also insidious manipulations made through television, radio, books, magazines and even social media are and should be banned. Such prohibitions are aimed at protecting people’s mental and physical health, they are in accordance with the law, they are necessary, and one of the basic duties of the state.

I don’t know how many religions in the world are one of the most basic and common belief principles. It is obvious that the real goals of traitors, such as Turks and Muslims, who see it as legitimate to ban speaking about jinn by expressly saying “jinn,” on television channels, are not to make the lives of young people better or to expand their freedoms. They aim to destroy Islam, Muslims, morality, honor, morality, goodwill, that is, the entire order of the world, and therefore humanity, and lead the world’s humanity from disaster to disaster. Afterward, it is to drag them to eternal hell, which is the main aim/goal of Satanists, that is, those who serve Iblis. This is also the goal of missionary sects, even if they are not yet fully satanic. Missionary sects are hopeless about the Christianization of the Turks and act with the basic view that “then they should be irreligious, immoral, dishonest, collapse in every sense, grapple with their problems”. Even those who make propaganda here and there that “most of the Turkish youth have become deists” are secret Christians.

Even though these facts are clear, trying to show the currents that lead to satanism, fagotism, terrorism, evil and immorality is a betrayal not only to this nation but to all humanity along with future generations.

It is unthinkable to allow people who have committed such grave betrayals to continue their treasonous activities as party leaders or members of the government. Such people should be hanged on the ground, or at least for now, they should be packed in dungeons, never to be able to come out again. State officials who do not do this immediately also commit grave crimes and are punished when the time comes.

The links/alliance of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and his gang, or even the gang of six altogether, to terrorism, missionary work, black money, religion, and honor hatred can be easily proven with concrete evidence. It can also be proved concretely that they are funded from abroad to commit crimes and betrayals at such a high level. If so, the judicial authorities should do their duty. Those who do not should be seen in the same class as them and the same interventions should be made for them.
It should no longer be allowed to set a thousand and one insidious and inhumane traps on the Turkish nation, especially on the youth.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Do not eat seafood, do not get wet in the rain, do not drink water without boiling

Attacks with strategic weapons continue.

Turkey is under heavy attack… I wrote from the beginning: “Winter is not over”. I knew the details, but I had not written them. I will not write yet, but this much needs to be written. Let the good people in between learn and take their personal precautions.

It should be noted that the high number of people living in regions outside the seasonal norms in Turkey, where precipitation is provided by artificial techniques, complains of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Rainfall can be caused by artificial techniques, as well as toxic chemicals or biological viruses that cause diseases can descend to the ground and infect humans, animals and plants. I have already written and warned, “Do not drink the water before it boils.” I said. No water should be drunk without boiling, even if it is the water transported by a carboy, even if it is collected from the most beautiful water flowing from the mountain.

It is also necessary to be cautious against biological virus attacks that eat, shred and burn people’s skin and then their flesh. I also wrote again and again that precautions should be taken against watched nuclear bomb attacks. Even if personal measures cannot be taken before, at least measures should be taken for the part after the explosion.

In Turkey’s seas, there is already excessive gas leakage at a level that warrants an emergency declaration. Various gases coming out from underground change the color of sea water, causing algae to form in a very wide area in a very short time and cause color change. It causes mucilage-like slimy substances to form. If it were any state, it would even bring the issue to the world agenda until now. They would also call experts from all over the world. They would gradually evacuate several major cities. But this is Turkey… A country whose name is Turkey and whose administration is at the hands of Turkish enemies with everything… The parties that play, collect, compress, leak these gases underground and the administrators in Turkey are already the same parties. They are all the same.

They do not make hundreds of urgent and important interventions that the state should do at such a moment, but people must take personal precautions as long as they can. Seafood must not be eaten at this time. Eating all kinds of shellfish, especially mussels, should be avoided.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi