There is a high probability

After a short time, big problems may occur in the www network. All over the world, or in most parts of the world, access to the Internet can be interrupted for a very long time.

Especially the states that provide the communication between government institutions only over the internet (www network)… Very large companies that make their internal communication only over the internet… Also, companies that do all or most of their trade (buying and selling) over the internet… What to do in a moment? They may even be surprised at what they see.

Also, I have warned you before. The possibility of computers, servers, smartphones, and similar devices becoming inoperable all of a sudden with very strong electromagnetic attacks is not too weak.

The freedoms of states that do not set up and use their own internet network other than the worldwide accepted internet (www) network are at great risk. Turkey should immediately establish the “ttt” network.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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