There is a high probability

After a short time, big problems may occur in the www network. All over the world, or in most parts of the world, access to the Internet can be interrupted for a very long time.

Especially the states that provide the communication between government institutions only over the internet (www network)… Very large companies that make their internal communication only over the internet… Also, companies that do all or most of their trade (buying and selling) over the internet… What to do in a moment? They may even be surprised at what they see.

Also, I have warned you before. The possibility of computers, servers, smartphones, and similar devices becoming inoperable all of a sudden with very strong electromagnetic attacks is not too weak.

The freedoms of states that do not set up and use their own internet network other than the worldwide accepted internet (www) network are at great risk. Turkey should immediately establish the “ttt” network.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

We’ve been preparing these days for years

All patriots will proceed without wasting any time through all the paths that have opened. You will not be afraid of anything or anyone. There is no real element of power left to stand against us. The new center of the world is now Istanbul. Even if the whole world, not Turkey, will return to the place of fire, you will not take a step back. We will move forward together on the paths I have drawn and paved.

Not only our lands within the borders that we now call Turkey… Not only our occupied islands, our old lands that were taken from us by betrayal… We are liberating dozens of countries at the same time. We enable them to regain their freedom and establish a new world order based in Istanbul. The world is watching us, waiting for us to stand up. As we stand up, dozens of them will openly stand beside us. They live in defeat, and they can’t keep up with the pace of what’s going on. They don’t even know what to do. They are incapable of doing anything.

Do not question orders. “Is now the time?”, “Should this all be done?” “Should that part be like this?” don’t say. We have been preparing these days for years. Let’s try harder, we stand up together.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Problems in the trial of Canan Kaftancıoğlu

There is no longer an independent justice system in Turkey, but the provisions against Canan Kaftancıoğlu are in line with the law. There are major problems with suitability as well. The problem is that the penalties given are extremely light and insufficient. It is seen that the justice system does not impose punishments at the level required by law, as required by national security, under political pressure, as well as under pressure from an organized press and media. Again, as a result of these pressures, it is seen that the investigation/trial is not deep enough. Otherwise, it is before the eyes that Canan commits various crimes, praises/defends even terrorist organizations most clearly, betrays the homeland and the nation, and allies with Turkish enemies, leaving no room for discussion.

Despite this, those who are defending Canan are currently committing the crime of “praising the crime and the criminal”. They openly declare that they have aided and abetted these “organized terror and treason” crimes to this day. At this stage, it is seen that the justice system is under political pressure, under pressure from the press and media, and the pressure of organized actions carried out by some foreign countries in Turkey, and we encounter the so-called ambassadors of certain countries in Turkey.

Prosecutions should be initiated immediately against all of these people. Those in the Turkish justice system know that one of Canan Kaftancıoğlu’s biggest accomplices is Ekrem İmamoğlu, and through which ambassadors and foreign NGOs that are hostile to the Turks, İmamoğlu is directed. Judicial authorities who knowingly do not do what is necessary also commit crimes. They also commit grave crimes. They also endanger Turkey’s national security.
These investigations and trials should carry out immediately. If the issue extends to the CHPKK administrators and even to Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the law should be applied to them as well.

My opinion on this matter is clear. I wrote a long time ago. Law requires to do the same about CHPKK, just as the law requires to close HDPKK as soon as possible, gather all those involved, and not allow such a so-called political party again. It is visible that the six-party coalition is the so-called political parties and organizations that have become this way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

Preferences and consequences

In Sputnik Turkey, they made some meaningful evaluations with journalist-writer Ceyhun Bozkurt. Remarkably, these evaluations took place on Sputnik, right after the articles I wrote yesterday and when I rightfully attacked Greece and the USA.
There are very fair assessments. However, there are also unfounded worries and hopes/expectations that are no longer possible. Greece cannot turn the Aegean into a Greek lake. The US or NATO or that Queen of England can’t back the Greeks any longer. Just as it cannot hold on to the Aegean islands, the US/NATO/Queen cannot and will not keep their military presence on the mainland of Greece any longer.

They cannot prevent our plans for the whole island of Cyprus, not just the Northern Cyprus part. They cannot and cannot do more of the plots and unlawfulness they have done over Cyprus until today. Nor can they sustain the PYD/PKK/YPG terrorists in northern Syria any longer. The BOP(Greater Middle East Initiative) project, including its parts in Turkey and Syria, has become a complete WASTE project. We only have to do the cleaning/sweeping operations at the end.

In all these matters, Turkey, together with its true friends/allies, has the power to respond and defeat all its enemies, including the USA and Greece. Turkey clearly and completely does not need the support of the Russian Federation, which is about to crumble and collapse, to respond and defeat its enemies.

It is not even our problem where Zelenski spoke, and with whom he agreed on what terms. The recent events are nothing but the fact that a system that has sunk in the ball and collapsed is still playing its pawns on the field to show itself strong. Everyone sees that we do not argue or talk too much and look our way with our actions and give our messages.

Istanbul has given many opportunities for Russia and Ukraine to be involved in the current process. It has created great financial and moral opportunities for Russia for years. It also gave respite for a long time, but it did not help. Russia has always taken a selfish stance, wanting to have its say in every matter and always wanting only itself to win. He did not make any concessions to the ancient Turks and Islamophobia.

We took Ukraine from the edge of the cliff at a time that seemed impossible, but they didn’t care. Both Russia and Ukraine went in the wrong direction from the start. They’ve already entered the dead-end street. If Russia and Ukraine had chosen to continue on their way with Istanbul instead of choosing to be mere pawns that the Ankebut Cult does not even appreciate, colluding and chasing three cents of black money, instead of collapsing with each other and sinking, they are the countries that have become giants with Istanbul and have the world read edicts. would be among them. If Russia had made the right choices, the current process might have ended. As I always say, Russia’s wrong choices do not change the outcome, they only prolong the process. Despite everything, Istanbul is still the capital of the world. Now the AKPKK’s making the same wrong choice will not change the outcome. Only the time will be longer and some details will change.

You, tell your Emperor! To the place my power reaches, where his dreams cannot even reach

Currently, there is no other element of power in the world other than Istanbul in the “truth”, it exists only in images/screens, in unnecessary discussions and broadcasts. And Istanbul has no business from now on with those who insist on going the wrong way despite all the opportunities presented to them, the humanity and good morals displayed before them.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi