“We are in a very difficult situation.”

I found the statement of Greek Foreign Minister Dendias very incomplete and flawed. It was a great shortcoming that the USA called only the USA when it had no good for itself. Besides, they should have called China, Russia, Japan, England, France, Germany, even all European countries and whoever they wanted.

It would even be beneficial for them to request help by sending messages to space with support from NASA. “There are Turks here. They have collapsed badly in the last few centuries and we have done every evil to them. We have always done things that human beings would not do to humans. Now they’re standing up, they’re going to demand an account, and they’re going to take back whatever we took away. But no one can come against them. Other states in the world have left us in the middle. We also made official statements, crushing ourselves and dishonorably, because they did not want to respond positively to our requests for help. No matter what we do. We ask whoever hears our voice from space to come to our aid. They may say, “We are in a very difficult situation.”

And I promise that we will send half of the total number of armies that will come around, try to support our enemies, and dare to do so, to hell in a short time and without firing a shot. I will leave the rest to my armies, not to metaphysical commandos. Everyone knows that there are religious rules and limits. We have an obligation to abide by them. Otherwise, we could have sent them all to hell without firing a single shot. In addition, my armies need to increase their combat experience and get loot.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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