He’s right, Soysuz, Turkey isn’t a tent state.

Solomon Soysuz, Minister of Crime Affairs, whose numerous pictures he took with crime-machine persons were frequently on the agenda in social media, said, “This is not a tent state.”

He was telling the truth. If we were a state of law, how could a drug lord, human, and organ smuggler, traitor, and sadistic murderer be a scumbag like him… How can he still be in that office even though his real, criminal, law-abiding face has been on display for the last two years…

For example, when he said “we did a joint terrorist operation with Iran”, when Iran said, “No, such an operation was not carried out ,, he can keep the Robbery for two hours in that office and for what purpose.

If we are a state of law, after the statement, “You demolish, the court decision comes from behind” who keeps him in that office even for two hours with which excuse, how intention, with the target.

If we were a rule of law, after the statement “If the Syrians leave, businessmen will not be able to find workers to work without registration/insurance”, who can keep him there for even two hours, who will endure him for even two hours. There is no doubt that this is not a state of law. Everyone can understand that the courts have already lost their independence and come under the command of such mafia men, who have even taken over the government, from the ambushes that were intended only for me, the so-called legal process I went through, the blatant destruction of many of my petitions when appropriate, the constant disregard of even the most basic legal rules. . However, if more examples are requested, the cases of unlawfulness listed in brief become voluminous volumes. Thus, it can be seen how many innocent and genuine Turkish citizens were wasted by Soysuz and AKPKK governments in the courts.

If this was a state of law, would terrorist attacks be carried out dozens of times on our soldiers and civilian citizens, by the order of the Minister of Criminal Affairs and through/through the MIT(National Security Organization)?

If this was a state of law, would AKPKK governments commit war, terrorism, and massacre crimes in various countries of the world for years? If this was a state of the law after I reported that the weapons, military vehicles, ammunition, and military equipment of hundreds of millions of dollars in total were smuggled into Libya with the civilian cargo ship called Amazon, and after I shared the concrete video evidence, the operation would not be carried out to me, but to the traitor so-called president who stole everything from our nation/army. and it was done to the criminal gang, the so-called ministers around it. There is more…

He’s right, Soysuz, this isn’t a tent state. Because so many lies told through the official authorities, so much betrayal, so much sedition, so much mischief, so much unlawfulness, so much murder, so much kidnapping using state institutions, so much cruelty and injustice, so much plunder and sacrifice. It cannot be seen even in tent states that there is no limit to the abuse of authority at this level and the detriment of the nation. Even in tent states, even if this much is tried, a coup will occur in a short time before even one percent of that much can be done. Even if the soldiers don’t, the people will make a coup.

For example, there would be a coup in Qatar, which is one of the most genuine tent states, and it could still happen at any moment, but the Turkish military set up a base there and has been keeping watch for years. The tent state Qatar, which is used as a subcontractor by other states, mostly England, in black money works is protected by our army and soldiers. Moreover, I am writing to that tent state, more precisely, to England, that is, to Queen Elizabeth, whatever she wants in Turkey, in the real sense, that everything can be given away.

Turkish girls, women, or babies kidnapped by the gangs, who are also affiliated with Soysuz and some of whom are state officials/officers, even MIT(personnel or Gendarmerie personnel, are often donated to Qatar. They are sold for good money. They are also sold to certain countries through Qatar. In Saudi Arabia and the UAE, they are constantly used as “hands-free tongs” in these works. Every year, more than ten thousand “genuine” Turkish citizens disappear in Turkey, records of their disappearance are opened, there are hundreds of thousands of missing files in the last ten years, and there have been and still are numbers of casualties in the war, but the fate of so many people cannot be determined. Where are these people going? Where are these people going? Even in tent states, this is seen as a very important problem and can be solved by thinking about it. Even in tent states, terrorists coming down from the mountains are not greeted with drums, clarinets, or hugs. The murderers who end the lives of civilians, soldiers, and police do not go unpunished. Here’s a general amnesty once again in Syria, which he would say he didn’t see as much as the tent state if we were to ask people like the degenerate… Like the previous ones, everyone was an amnesty in this general amnesty, but those who killed people unjustly were excluded.

If we count as Syrian, Afghan, Pakistani, African, Bangladeshi, or Ukrainian, millions of people from tens of states here, which cannot even be counted as a tent state, have been brought to Turkey, which has been turned into a black money center through AKPKK and is still being used unlawfully in the BOP(Greater Middle East Initiative) project. The fate is unknown… The lucky ones were killed immediately and their organs were removed… The others, even if they were children, were sold to the international prostitution mafia that AKPKK works in connection with. They were sold to pedophiles and sexual perverts. But it’s not even about this issue of Inferior, because Soysuz isn’t just a drug dealer and addict. A long-time Paedophile… Also a sorcerer… Yes, one of the secret Jewish and Masonic human demons who use everything human and animal to cast magic, even one of the leading ones…

That’s right… This is not a tent state. Even in the tent state, they lynch that vile dog on the ground and cut off every part of it, especially that language, which only serves to lie. They avenge the Turkish citizens as hard as necessary, with ten million babies, children, young girls, and women, poisoned in their veins. They take his carcass around the land to be an example. On social platforms that have removed videos and photos showing how he was lynched and how the nation took revenge, he said, “If such human demons could be brought to the head of this nation, and if they were able to stay in power for years, it was possible thanks to the so-called opposition and so-called social platforms like you.” They immediately impose an access barrier across the country.

Yes, yes… He was right. As he said, this is not even a tent state. I wish it didn’t hurt so much, so many black spots didn’t go down in history. Only the mothers in Syria said, “Your home too should be destroyed. Let your state collapse on your head. These people you sent on us are not Muslims, they are not mujahideen, they are not human beings, they are terrorists and sadistic murderers. They handed over my son, who had not committed any crime, to me piece by piece”. sighs, they did not stay in the air. Now the respite is over, look and see, they all hold and come out at once.

Come on, whoever is going to defend such a government, cabinet, and hundreds of so-called deputies in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is no different from them, should go to the square. The great conflict begins.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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