I’m in my place

Nobody should worry. I am like lions. If they had the strength and heart to face us, they would have appeared hundreds of times by now.

I’m literally on the field, get ready. Even if no response is given, we will go against them and dissolve the Ankara government. We will deport the so-called refugees to Europe en masse. We will wipe the so-called Kurdish regional administration in Northern Iraq off the map and deal a major blow to the problem of terrorism and the BOP(Greater Middle East Initiative), the Greater Israel project. We will compromise with Assad in Syria. We will liberate Southern Azerbaijan from Iranian occupation. On this occasion, we will be able to take control of that border, which caused the migration rain, in a healthy way. Then we will overthrow colonialist, dictatorial, cruel, anti-human, war and terror criminal governments and families in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE. Whatever they stole from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, we will deliver them to their rightful owners and to the treasury of the relevant countries.

After all, when we do this, the black money they have earned from more than ten million so-called refugees in Turkey will be cut, and they will cease to be the bridge of the black money system of the Turkish Ankebut Cult, and Europe and the USA will enter a much, much bigger financial crisis in a short time. Even now they are in such a bad state that they could not stand for two weeks in those days.

For this reason, they demanded that the AKPKK-MHPKK criminal organization resist and illegally rule Turkey a little longer, never to send so-called refugees.

That’s what I wanted, they’ve tensed up enough, and we’re never going to let that tension drop. This is the defense of the homeland, the courthouses have also been seized, then we will do our part as national forces.

My army is with me… Do not trust anything that is said to the contrary, you will see the truth on the field. More than half of the security forces are with me… The remaining half will come to me right away. Different leaders and groups from all over the world are with me.

This will be over now. Spring will really come to Turkey. Everyone, now quickly continue to make the sparks fly with everyone everywhere. There is no patience after that. It’s all over here.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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