I’m in my place

Nobody should worry. I am like lions. If they had the strength and heart to face us, they would have appeared hundreds of times by now.

I’m literally on the field, get ready. Even if no response is given, we will go against them and dissolve the Ankara government. We will deport the so-called refugees to Europe en masse. We will wipe the so-called Kurdish regional administration in Northern Iraq off the map and deal a major blow to the problem of terrorism and the BOP(Greater Middle East Initiative), the Greater Israel project. We will compromise with Assad in Syria. We will liberate Southern Azerbaijan from Iranian occupation. On this occasion, we will be able to take control of that border, which caused the migration rain, in a healthy way. Then we will overthrow colonialist, dictatorial, cruel, anti-human, war and terror criminal governments and families in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE. Whatever they stole from Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, we will deliver them to their rightful owners and to the treasury of the relevant countries.

After all, when we do this, the black money they have earned from more than ten million so-called refugees in Turkey will be cut, and they will cease to be the bridge of the black money system of the Turkish Ankebut Cult, and Europe and the USA will enter a much, much bigger financial crisis in a short time. Even now they are in such a bad state that they could not stand for two weeks in those days.

For this reason, they demanded that the AKPKK-MHPKK criminal organization resist and illegally rule Turkey a little longer, never to send so-called refugees.

That’s what I wanted, they’ve tensed up enough, and we’re never going to let that tension drop. This is the defense of the homeland, the courthouses have also been seized, then we will do our part as national forces.

My army is with me… Do not trust anything that is said to the contrary, you will see the truth on the field. More than half of the security forces are with me… The remaining half will come to me right away. Different leaders and groups from all over the world are with me.

This will be over now. Spring will really come to Turkey. Everyone, now quickly continue to make the sparks fly with everyone everywhere. There is no patience after that. It’s all over here.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


Shut up, you wastrel!

You tongue-pad… Are you still talking?

If you are going to threaten me and those who act with me, you will stand up. You’re going to name names, you’re not going to talk and talk and back off. You won’t be gassing your accomplices in the field and hiding in a corner yourself. You will not pretend to follow orders you receive from abroad, from Turkish enemies, and then run away from the field.

Even under these conditions, are you threatening to give a name, without being clear, even after all our open backs, in a way that you can easily twist when you get tight?

Don’t you have a huge army, law enforcement, courthouses, intelligence service, and those famous mafias at your disposal? What about those kidnappers of children, babies, and young girls? The human-shaped bastards who dismember the so-called refugees and send every organ of theirs to another country? The black money governments, armies, secret services you do business with? The CIA you took orders from? Where is your queen?

A barking dog does not bite. You are not a gray wolf. To call you a dog is to insult even the most vicious dog in the history of the world. Before you, as a last resort out of fear, the four of you came together to advance and operate the case you opened…

I’m coming, if you run away, you are the leader of the bitch and the coward. Those who write and write these texts and put them in front of them will not be able to escape. I’m coming to get you all. I do not know of any official or unauthorized authority, person, administrative or judicial authority who obeys your orders.

You are not only Turks and Turkey, you are an enemy of humanity. You are a black moneymaker at the most sadistic level. You are criminals of war and terrorism who deliberately stir up Syria when there is nothing. You are the ones who pulled the so-called refugees here with the power of the state, by promising them citizenship, employment, food, and transition to Europe from the very beginning. From the very beginning, you are criminals without borders, who abuse their power, make false statements, and hide their crimes by committing threats and blackmail. Now, you are the ones who do not recognize the will of a whole Turkish nation and try to come across it in such an evasive way. Millions of people died in Syria alone because of your crimes. Your “regiment” is an organized crime syndicate that has committed crimes against humanity. There are concrete proofs of your crimes even only in the parts of the press. Beyond that, everyone has concrete proof like the sea. Everyone has proof of the brutal, sadistic deeds that degenerate dogs did.

The foremost traitors and your nation’s enemies. They can’t even cram your lies into one-hour videos, they can’t count how many miserable creatures you’re swallowing your words. There are ten thousand kinds of proof that you have been colluding for all these years. There are thousands of proofs that the elections, even the referendums, and therefore even the current government system, is fraudulent and invalid. But when you talk about it, you look as if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth, right?

The days when you betrayed your homeland for the sake of your homeland are over. The days you betray the nation by keeping on saying the nation is over. The time when you gave orders to all courts because of the law, as well as when you used all state institutions from the hospital to the post office illegally and innocent people were cut off with the state authority, is almost over.

That Degenerate(Soysuz) is not even our subject, he is not even our interlocutor, and neither are you. Everyone knows what a coward he is, including me. Send news immediately, and let your brothers go down to the field. You are used to it, let your terrorists carry out attacks on the right and left, in which civilians are killed or our soldiers are martyred. Play to change the agenda, try to gain time, and let’s see if your techniques work this time… I said it will let the chips fall where they may.

Tell that Akar(this surname means it flows) not to flow or flee to any country… When he speaks, he will stand behind it. Let’s see if our army, nation, and law enforcement are listening to him, standing behind him, or listening to me. Let’s see who are being hanged in public.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


I’m coming

There are patriotic parties who want to use their will to carry out armed operations against the diplomatic representatives of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Israel, the USA, Russia, and China in Turkey. I have kept these parties who are on my side waiting for a long time, I have always calmed them down, but this time I did not object to their decision. They are absolutely right.

I have always written, that if it is the homeland, the safety of the nation’s life, property, and honor, and if all kinds of legal systems have been disabled by the traitors, it is legitimate for all or some of the citizens to fight for armed freedom. It is in accordance with Islamic law and humanity as well as conscience. No one can even claim otherwise. This is exactly what the will and struggle called Kuvayi Milliye(National Forces) are.

Turkey is not subject to a covert invasion. Turkey has been under covert occupation for a very long time. The more we struggled to get rid of this covert occupation and the more we wanted to regain our freedom, the more humiliating and angrier we were exposed to, and we remain. In recent days, the attitude of being an occupied dishonorable nation has been displayed openly, emphatically, and showing off… We have already been fed up with…

Despite all my warnings, the “deadly mistakes” of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Russia, China, and the USA, who still support and watch over the traitors at the head of Turkey at every opportunity, and have recently given direct instructions, No need to explain what they did.

In the last audio recording, I explained clearly that Turkey will display a policy aimed at solving its problems wherever the center of the problems is. Maybe tomorrow, maybe closer than tomorrow, the AKPKK and MHPKK treason alliance will be overthrown very, very harshly.

I am writing here that the Turkish army and other allied elements will enter Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE right after. Yes, armies will enter. Yes, we will combat, and the whole world will be shown what it is to take a stand against Turkey, the Turkish nation, and even the Turkish world, to intervene, to watch out for the vilest traitors every time, to still commit offers and robberies despite the rising reaction of the nation. Then it will be the turn of other countries.

The nations of these countries, where the first intervention will be made, will also be ensured to get rid of the dictators, the so-called state leaders who set up and manage terrorist organizations, and their official gangs. Yes, not only Turkey, but the region and even the whole world humanity will be greatly relieved.

These lands, which cannot even be counted from the state, have become the coffers of all kinds of black money transactions of the Ankebut Cult and recently become pawns that will attract lightning in political maneuvers, are lands that have already been plucked from us by betrayals and spies working for the British. We will include these places, that is, our ancient lands, within our borders again. We will ensure that the said dictators, the family/relatives who aided and abetted them, and state officials who have implemented their unlawful and inhumane orders, will be hanged in public places.

Turkish soldiers are already full in Qatar and the army is with me in Turkey. Just as we have officially taken over the administration, we have already taken over Qatar. There are trillions of dollars they stole from us, and we confiscate and buy them in cash, gold, or company stock. We know with certainty that the UAE will not be an everyday issue for us. If Saudi Arabia was a real state, had a real army, and had the ability to fight, it would not have been in such pathetic and laughable situations every time in the face of the Yemeni Houthis, who had trouble finding bread to eat.

On this occasion, we will break the Wahhabi strife in those holy lands and the so-called Salafi/Wahhabi so-called Islamic terror strife that has spread from there to the whole region, as well as the modernist oppression that has been exerted on its dictators in the recent period. We will take the pedophile, British pawn, Muslim, and Turkish enemy from the Saudi royal family.

We will hang the Saudi Arabian royal family and state officials who are tools for their unlawfulness, hostility towards Turks and Islam, terrorism crimes, crimes against humanity, and exploitation.

I do not write in anger, I am quite calm. These are things we wanted to do already. Each time, we were patient with bleeding inside. We were enduring side by side when three or five Satanists, who were afraid of their shadows and played the role of Muslims, interfered in all kinds of internal affairs of Turkey and dragged Turkey and the region into trouble every time. We’ve been waiting for your day.

Now that tears it… I will take that Tayyip and hang him with my nation, take his carcass and throw it in front of the Saudi Royal family. “This was your pawn, here is its fate. You’re also a British pawn, now it’s your turn” and I will hang them in the squares.

Is it Russia, which we did not allow to fly its planes on the day of victory… Is it China, where we destroyed all its politics, plunged into a gigantic financial crisis, and tried to survive by dismembering hundreds of thousands of its citizens with fake pandemic games and selling their organs… In times that were already collapsed with everything but called the superpower of the world? the USA, which has not even won a single real war… Will NATO, which has already been shattered, respond to us? They can’t do anything. If they could, they would retaliate a thousand times over what we’ve been taking for years. Also, after the evidence I have uncovered so far, we will see that all their authoritative and influential names will even seek refuge in ratholes.

There is more, I have written briefly several times. We can decimate even tens of millions of soldiers in a few days. China, the USA, Russia, and the Arab terrorist statelets in question know best how we massacred even from afar in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Syria.

The Turkish army may even go to war with the rest of the world, as long as we stand by it… We do not allow airplanes to fly in the air, ships or submarines to float in the sea, computer systems to remain operational, or satellites to remain usable. Obviously, if UFOs came to their aid, we would even take them down.

Moreover, by declaring a general mobilization, I will march against these countries, these dictators, the chief terrorists with official authorities/authorities, and those so-called countries that are dragging Turkey into trouble in an organized and deliberate manner.

I will explain everything to my nation and to all humanity, by showing the most concrete proofs, on a watch. Then, “Get up, to avenge tens of millions of babies, children, young girls, and young women… We are going to bury human traffickers, organ traffickers, enemies of honor and humanity. We are going to end the epicenters of the strife, sadism, terror, and exploitation system in the world. As it is our duty to do this, all our material and moral problems are solved immediately after we do this.” I will say.

The people did not flee Syria, did not leave their homeland… By the so-called Islamic terrorist organizations established by countries with known terrorist coalitions, especially Saudi, Qatar, UAE, British, and USA, their children were killed, their parents were killed, and this is true for Syrians, those honorable people who have the right to retaliation. I will invite you to the fight. “Come on, this is the day of the oppressed to hold the oppressor to account. You too, stand up to exploitation. Take our revenge and solve all your material and moral problems at once.

The problems of our countries, our region, and the world will not end before these centers of terror and betrayal, which look like a state or statelet, are destroyed. I will say, “The day is this day.”

I will recruit Iraqis, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians, southern Azerbaijanis, and anyone from the Turkic world who want to take booty from this war. I will accept men up to 50 years old to be soldiers. I will not impose any educational requirements.

I have told this much, the parts that I did not tell can be predicted. I’m not procrastinating. That’s how I take all my anger out on the traitors in our head, those freemasons, and Satanists among our nation, those black money sadists. I am trying to revolutionize this country. I am at my address right now, whoever or anyone/groups or even armies, from home or abroad, can stand alone or in alliance, who think they can stand up to me, should stand up before me now, if they can. Whether they can get up or not, our conflict is already starting.

Their dreams, even the artificial intelligence they use, are not enough for me.

Either neck or nothing…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi