We must prepare

We must prepare in every way for the inclusion of Southern Azerbaijan in Turkey in a very, very short time. Even now, the authority in Iran is shaken. In a few weeks, I will deal much bigger blows to the greens, and Iran will take big hits, like Biden, Xi, and Putin’s gang. There will be no element of power that can stand against the attachment of our occupied lands to Turkey.

The administrative staff of Turkmenistan should also measure and decide. Will they be on the side of the new world order that I am rapidly establishing, or will they perish by continuing to stand by their Turkish/Islamic enemies who have fallen into pathetic situations?

They already need to remove the barriers between the Turks of South Azerbaijan and the Turks of Turkmenistan. All the decisions implemented by Turkmenistan are aimed at preventing the Turkish corridor. There have been attacks on Islam and practices aimed at breaking the nation’s faith for a very long time in the country, and these are now very annoying. Turkmenistan is also a part of the Turkish world. I will not leave it to bionic robots and alien parties, nor to satanic black money makers who are afraid of even their shadow.

Yes, I am threatening before the eyes of the world. I give the rulers of Turkmenistan five days. I count this day too. Within five days, these wrong practices will be corrected. Biden, Xi, and Putin will no longer rule in Turkmenistan. There will be no laws, decisions, or practices that are openly or insidiously applied against Turks and Islam. Otherwise, our conflict will begin. It will be very intense and very short-lived. In this world, where the so-called world giants are already on their knees en masse, I can drown those at the head of Turkmenistan in a spoonful of water. So far, I have sent mostly metaphysical commandos and men trained for special operations to the troubled areas, but very soon I will be intervening in many parts of the world with my armies, not with my army. Everyone already knows this.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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