Completely terminating animal husbandry should not be allowed in Turkey

Anger is rising from breeders and animal markets across Turkey. Turkey’s problems are getting bigger day by day. Necessary interventions are still not done. We are moving towards another very serious crisis, step by step. Very soon, the prices of meat, milk, and dairy products will increase several times. Millions of hungry people will take to the streets.

The government should say “stop” to this trend without losing a single day. It should do everything necessary to ensure that large quantities of ready-made animal feed, crops used to make animal feed, as well as ready-made manure for farmers, can be brought tax-free, duty-free, and quickly from abroad.

Livestock should not be allowed to go down completely.

It is possible to make nutritious, healthy, and very low-cost animal feeds from the leaves and berries of some trees. All universities in the country should be mobilized for this. Both the leaves and the acorns of the oak tree can be used as animal feed, and more than thirty percent of Turkey’s trees are oak trees.

Turkey also needs to work with other countries to resolve the drought and famine crisis, which is well advanced. Working with many Asian countries, especially Vietnam, and also with some African countries…

The government can solve most of Turkey’s problems, which seem to be “unsolvable” or “not solved in a short time,” within two months at the latest.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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