Just a few sparks

I do not evaluate any state or its leader by classifying them as green, gray, or any other color.

I’m just looking at him, next to me or in front of me. I don’t care about the colors of those in front of me, and their differences from those of the same color or another color. The horse track is already mixed with the horse track. It is not clear who is running which lane.

It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s an alien or an earth person. I look at whether everyone is “good” or “evil”, moving towards good or evil.

I have no promises made to greens, grays, or other colors. I have never made promises to anyone and left them on the road. I am establishing a new system based in Istanbul. I’m also making my last moves to land on the field. And to achieve that, I would have to burn this world down. As usual, I warned you from the beginning, I said not to keep the blame on me, and no one listened. As a result, there is confusion, but this is not a fire, a few sparks have ignited yet, but it has not turned into a fire. In a very short time, when the fire breaks out and surrounds everything, we will see the state of those who are already devastated. That’s the whole point…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Some decision changes

Some are thinking of dividing Russia. I’ve changed my mind, he doesn’t think so for now, I don’t want it that way. On the contrary, I will make moves for Russia to survive in one piece and to include more lands to the west.

I am now very uncomfortable with the sanctions and embargoes imposed on Russia. I will inflict great blows on the western countries that want drought and famine to prevail in the world and that make insidious interventions for this purpose. The fact that our airspace is closed to Russian military planes also gives me great discomfort.

I changed my mind again. For now, I am not disturbed by the presence of the Russian Federation in Syria, at the request and permission of Assad, the presence of airbases, ground troops, air-to-air, air-to-ground, and surface-to-air attack and defense systems.

Again, I have written what I will do from the beginning so that those who want to act wisely know ahead of time so that they do not suffer great harm unnecessarily. After that, it’s everyone’s own choice… All parties experience the consequences of their decisions.

I would like to remember once again that I am fiercely opposed to the current Ukrainian people. I have praised the good ones among them and warned them from the beginning. I advised them to leave. I will praise them again, but my opposition to the other dry crowd continues and will continue. Whichever side in the world stands behind that Ukraine, which is like the peoples of Sodom and Gomorrah, is also standing in front of me.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

No such an army exists

An army called the Syrian National Army (SMO) does not exist in the world. The Free Syrian Army (FSA) has not existed either. The name of the terrorist organization called the FSA was later changed to the Syrian National Army. When a terrorist organization is called an “army”, it neither really becomes an army nor comes out of the terrorist organization class.

The fact that the FSA is illegitimate, that it is a terrorist organization, and that it has been involved in very grave crimes from the very beginning has been revealed. It has been clearly revealed that the FSA is made up of bandits and terrorists. Within the scope of international terrorism, international war, and crimes against humanity, very grave and very painful realities that require urgent trial have been revealed. The process should proceed within the framework of the law and the rope should have reached the MIT, Hakan Fidan, Tayyip, Bohçalı, and their accomplices in a short time, but this have not happened.

The western world, which cannot be finished with the praise and which has been imposed on us as an example for two centuries, also fell silent. They have not bothered by the trampling of the law. Because the FSA, or SMO as it is now known, was already established by the instructions of those western countries and by the ingenuity of their black money secret services. Just like ISIS… Just like al-Nusra… Just like HTS… Just like PKK/YPG and others in various parts of the world… These are all organized terror, massacre, occupation, black money works by governments affiliated to the Ankebut Cult… This terror, massacre, looting in the region and most of the occupation organizations, BOP’s Bohçalı, BOP’s Tayyip and their gangs, and MIT was also established by using them. Again, they are managed by using them, they have committed various inhuman crimes.

Changing the name of the FSA has not cleared anything up. Hundreds of thousands of murders, hundreds of massacres, and countless looting, extortion, rape, and torture crimes have not been cleared. Currently, they are still exhibiting the same terrorism and cruelty under the name of SMO. They still want to create a second Israel, a liberated area in Syria as part of the Greater Israel project. They are still after invasions and land grabs. They are still after blood, still, torture, still murder, still massacre, still human and organ trafficking, still a drug and oil trafficking.

These facts are in front of the eyes of all journalists, television broadcasters, and influential people on social media. Years ago, the Russian General Staff shared the most concrete evidence that Tayyip was smuggling oil from Syria, using the terrorist gangs in question. Who was able to claim that these pieces of evidence were not true, from the terrorist leaders in Turkey, namely Bohçalı, Tayyip, and other murderous terrorists in their close circle… Tayyip said, “Let these allegations be proven, I will not stay in this office” before the evidence was shared. It was as if when the allegations were proven, he would step down from the office he had already occupied illegitimately and unofficially, and everything would be over. It was very clear from their speech that they had not even considered the possibility of being tried and receiving the heaviest sentences. He knew with certainty that in Turkey, the state had corrupted the functioning of the justice system to such an extent through the Masonic sect. All those journalists and TV programmers were just keeping quiet as if they had been ordered from somewhere.

The allegations were proven and Tayyip has continued all his dirty and bloody work without stopping. The Russian side was asked, “Tayyip did not resign, what will you say?” it was said. The answer was, “From now on, it’s not ours, it’s the doctors’ problem”. The fact that Tayyip, who has lost his mental health due to all kinds of dirty work and has become sadistic and monstrous, is the head of our huge country, has been openly revealed to the eyes of the world. The Russians also knew that the state system in Turkey was covertly/secretly taken over by a parallel state, Israel within us.

All of this happened in front of the eyes of journalists, television programmers, teams preparing and presenting news, their bosses, scoundrels who were made to speak as experts, and judicial authorities in Turkey. Therefore, anyone who has been a part of, aided, and abetted these crimes in any way will not have a valid excuse during the transparent trials that will take place very soon.

Even though there were so many revelations, Tayyip was so disgraced and red-handed, inhumane acts continued. In fact, when the United States of America wanted to use the YPG card more actively and took different decisions to continue the occupation, black money, and massacre in the region, FSA terrorists were not preferred. They lost a lot of power and hence their name was SMO. They have strengthened again with the organized activities of AKPKK-MHPKK-CHPKK-HDPKK, as well as the support of traitors, terrorists, and black money makers in the MIT and TAF. They also played to make SMO look legitimate. They became partners in death row crimes, and they do. Everyone should be well aware that those who justify, defend, and praise SMO and its like will be given death sentences very soon. That alone would be enough to impose death sentences. Because the crimes that are shared, supported, praised, aided, and abetted are very, very big crimes. In addition, crimes can be proven with all kinds of evidence that they were committed in an “organized” manner.

No one can disregard the lives, property, chastity, and rights of millions of people. No one can avoid being punished by claiming that they have complied with and taken into account the unofficial statements of a treacherous political cadre, who have been in plain sight with concrete evidence for more than ten years when they betrayed the homeland and the nation and also did all kinds of black money works by using state power. Even in May 2022, no one can still speak or write as an SMO or an operation as an operation. In this context, he cannot even make social media posts.

Let me tell you one more time… Those who want to be hanged together with a treacherous political cadre that is long gone should continue to commit betrayal and crimes against humanity with them.
In addition, all parties in the world should know that we have no ties to the FSA/SMO or any other terrorist and black money organization, and we will not. We are honorable soldiers. We have never, and never will, taint ourselves. We will hit SMO at every opportunity, and we will not cause obstacles and problems to the parties that hit them. We will not distinguish the MIT and TAF members of SMO and their like, and we will send them to hell together with the others as soon as possible.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Black money process

What is being carried out with Armenia is not the normalization process. It is a process of black money and betrayal as it is carried out with many other states/governments… It is a process that is against the Turkish nation, the Armenian nation, and the humanity of the world. Human trafficking, organ trafficking, smuggling of tiny babies, and trafficking of little girls and young women in the process of drug trafficking. This is a truth that stands before the eyes of anyone who wishes to see it. Those who are partners in the crimes in this process from various countries and those who want to be are clearly in sight. It is also known that Pashinyan and his gang are involved in these works and that they will receive their commissions from the vehicles used in black money transactions that will pass through that so-called corridor and from the works that will return there. This is the reason for the deep silence of all those parties who, if something were to happen in favor of the Turks, immediately stood up and tried to disrupt it from the very beginning. It is because they know that this will not be a real Turkish corridor it will be a black money corridor, and many of them are partners in these inhumane works.

We tied the hands and arms of the traitors who were put to the head of Turkey by the Ankebut Cult and will soon take them down and hang them in public places. The Armenian nation and our Turkish brothers in Azerbaijan must do the same right now. This region must now find peace. They must get rid of those human demons who are deceiving people in an organized way.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

Anyone may shoot them

I will not/will not regard the attacks/interventions against Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs anywhere in the world, including Turkey, as actions against Turkey, the Turkish nation, and Istanbul.

The excessive level of lying, exploitation/fraud, and deception that is going on through Bayraktar is now very annoying. For this reason, I will not be disturbed by whichever side is revealing Bayraktar’s true face, helplessness, fraud, and lies, even if it is my enemy. There will be no problem for unmanned vehicles and our pilots anyway. In that case, everyone can hunt Bayraktar for their own pleasure, and no one will cause them any trouble.

Eighty-odd million nations can no longer be deceived by traitors, masons, black moneyers and businessmen, and press/media agents who commit organized crimes with them. I will not allow this.

Even that black money man, traitor, US pawn Zelenski, whom they inexplicably embraced, heroized, defended, came out and confessed the truth. “With all due respect, but Bayraktar UAVs and SİHAs are not as effective and critically important as it is expressed,” he said. What more can you say, how can you say…

It is also complicity and an act of treason to hide this statement of Zelensky, that the Bayraktars are hunted like flies in Ukraine, and the facts/figures that the Russians have announced through the official authorities from this nation. Due to AKPKK’s so-called projects based on fraud and forgery, this nation has suffered a great deal and continues to do so. Bayraktar lies, Bayraktar deception, the Italian copy is much bigger than the ones made over the alleged ATAK helicopters. They’ve gone too far now. A whole state cannot be governed by lies, ulterior motives, frauds, frauds, and betrayals in every field. There is no such state or government. Governments and foreign companies that cooperate with these scoundrels should also take their feet.

Behind this Bayraktar, there are many crimes, many frauds, and even betrayals. Again, I warn you from the beginning, if I see those who are trying to make decisions and move against me, even I cannot be sure what I will do, where I will stand, or whether I will stop.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi