It is presaged

In a very, very short time, events that rock the world will happen. These events, which will start in Turkey, will immediately spread worldwide. There will also be great events there.

Seeing a bomb explosion in dreams does not mean the same in real life. It means experiencing an event(s) that will make a lot of noise and will be heard by a very large audience.

It indicates that a person will always act realistically by keeping the mind in the foreground, overcome all obstacles easily, serve humanity, and change the lives of large masses in an instant along with his own life.

Hülya Balıkavlayan , as in many dreams, saw himself as representing someone else in this dream.

 It is not unwise that the bomb is a nuclear bomb with a very, very high destructive power. This indicates that the events to be experienced and the things to be heard will be very shocking. and this is what is known to Hülya Balıkavlayan. Otherwise, this dream does not mean that bombs will destroy so many people.

There will be a breaking point that will lead to the collapse of dozens of governments in the world, especially the USA, Russia, China, Egypt, and Japan, to revolts of people in dozens of countries and to hunt for a mason/satanist, and this is what Hülya Balıkavlayan is known. Otherwise, this dream does not mean that bombs will destroy so many people…

Tayyip’s decisions will guide what will happen in Turkey. I don’t think he has more than 24 hours to choose his line correctly and stand upright as he must. I always said, when I said “Change that cabinet”, he would not give me that answer, he would change it. Since that day, the two sides have not come together.

Regardless of which side Tayyip takes, I will go to the field in both possibilities, the censorship applied to me / my publications will collapse, and my publications will shake the whole world, especially Turkey. After that day, the world will not be the old world.

Coups, murders, resignations, suicides, arrests, trials, evidence, and executions will be experienced all over the world. They won’t be able to keep up with their speed.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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