Everybody mind your business

Don’t bother me, I’m too busy already. I can’t meet anyone. I have already planned and prepared everything and everything will continue in its flow. If so, everyone must fulfill their part and keep going.

What is this situation? There is a strange situation on both friendly and hostile sides. I wrote everything clearly so that this does not happen, how could I write more? Or is it necessary to write the same things over and over again?

In case of sudden decision of the parties, times and details may change, but in general terms, the following will occur:

  • The USA will be confused. Biden-Kamala gang will be overthrown
  • Then Putin and his gang will be overthrown in Russia. Collusion in Ukraine is going to get really messy. Many people will be judged and will be executed.
  • Troubles will also spread to Azerbaijan. Then it will spread to Iran. Some problems from there will be reflected in Turkey as well. Even as much as it is reflected to us, there will problems occur at a very high level.
  • Greece has long deserved a hard slap, the whole world will hear and talk about that Ottoman slap in the face. Even the US and NATO will just watch and stay. Most of the islands around us will change hands and some will be armed. It will be used for defense.
  • High-level problems and troubles will be reflected from Syria to Turkey as well.
  • Separations and divisions within the EU and NATO organizations will become clear. This will cause balance changes all over the world, especially in Europe. For this reason, some balances will change in Turkey.
  • We have broken the corona game, they will try to break out and spread the alike.
  • There will be a major crisis because of the Bosphorus. The state of Tayyip and his gang will be afraid even of their shadows, their ambitions of betrayal to the homeland and the nation, will cause Turkey to experience great difficulties when there are showdowns over the straits. There will be big, big troubles.
  • Among these changing balances, those like Bohçalı(Devlet Bahçeli) and the Bastard(Süleyman Soylu), bionic robots working for the Russians, will also be out of the game.
  • From here on, this part is not clear yet. I will prevent Turkey from being drawn into the collusion in Ukraine, my army being used for money laundering, the parties trying to impose fines on Turkey by themselves, and Tayyip and his gang serving them. While doing this, of course, the lines will be broken in Turkey and the government will be crushed under the feet of the nation. In the ongoing process, I will punish the Western/NATO front with a severity that will go down in history. I will do this very easily, in a very short time, and the whole world will again watch in amazement and admiration.
  • In the meantime, this nation will throw millions of disgraced, contraband and shameless Syrians out of the borders. Not even one of them will be allowed to become a burden on Turkey for another day.
  • The interference of my community is already confusing and will confuse many leading parties in the world. Alihan and his gang will either be taken in by those who hold their leashes, and they will protect them inside. Either they will obviously run away and disappear. They will either commit mass suicide or I will ensure that they are taken in/to prison in a genuine way. This will cause many parties, including the government side, to go into great trouble in Turkey. If they want to prevent this on the legal ground, if they stop the operation of the law, the lines will be stretched one after the other, and in this case, the power in Turkey will be overthrown.
  • The time of the Queen and the royal family will be over. First, the provisions will not pass, they will fall into very bad situations. They will be a disgrace. They won’t believe how big they flunk in such a short time.
  • Some parties in the world will want to kill me many times to prevent all these balance changes. If they can’t kill me, they won’t be able to prevent events from flowing like this, and they will collapse, disappear, disintegrate, shrink, etc.
  • That’s when they will openly mention my name and say, “Let’s meet on common ground with MFS”. And I said to all of them, “Get out of there, go take care of yourself. Don’t appear around me. Or I will strike the final blows on all of you.” I will say. A lot of fun will happen in this part. Like a rubber ball, they will come back as I throw the furthest, but the result will not change.
  • Thirst, abnormal weather conditions, earthquakes, storms, explosions, collapses, floods, tornadoes, drought and famine will spread all over the world. There will be mass deaths. A very large number of people will die. Some cities will be almost flat. In some cities, there will be no destruction, but people will die en masse.
  • Big capitalists who don’t protect their money properly will collapse badly and this will also cause crises.
  • People who have voted for AKPKK and MHPKK until today will say “I burned God”, but the result will not change.
  • The bionic robots that have replaced the leaders of the collusive opposition in Turkey will also fail badly. Even if sixty, not six, can come together, they will be void, they will not be counted as men, they will be dropped from the game.
  • The bionic robot that replaced the Sabbatean secret Jew Tansu Çiller will also fail. “Documents/evidence for crimes against humanity” that have never been shared about Tansu will be shared, and there is no statute of limitations for crimes against humanity. Along with Tansu, a very high number of Sabbathaians will be dropped from the game. They will fall into the disastrous situations they deserve.
  • The black money field will narrow even more, and the problems will increase.
  • Metaphysical conflicts will not be as colossal as before, for our enemies are about to melt away. However, many people will die in metaphysical conflicts, many satellites and devices will be destroyed, many syndromes will be invented, many UFOs will fall.

And things like that will happen…

That’s it… Everyone mind their own business. I intervene wherever it is necessary to intervene.

For two days, I worked out plans for what I would do in 15 years. There is a lot of time left for me and I used them well, and I do.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya |Akademi Dergisi

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